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NZConnectED: e-portfolios: big progress from small steps

How to use an e-portfolio to promote student achievement.

Mark Osborne

on 15 July 2010

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Transcript of NZConnectED: e-portfolios: big progress from small steps

e-portfolios: big progress from little steps Learning intentions:
By the end of this session, participants will have learnt more about:
what an e-portfolio is, what it can do and why you would use one with your students
creating learner profiles,
capturing learning stories and reflection,
documenting Learning as Inquiry
supporting project-based assessment through planing, progress and reporting phases.
engaging families and whanau in learning. Case study: Albany Senior High School Focusing question: How do you currently encourage the development of reflection skills with your students? End-of-session reflection question: How could e-portfolios support your teaching? Mark Osborne
This prezi: http://bit.ly/a6fII4
(Those are capital 'i's) Vision:
At Albany Senior High School
we nurture each other
we inspire each other
we empower each other
to achieve highly and become good citizens.
We Value:
Excellence in all that we do.
Warm, mutually respectful relationships.
Families as part of our learning community.
Fairness, openess, honesty and trust.
Learning together and making decisions together.
Using evidence and reflection to make decisions.
Curiosity and enquiry, creativity and innovation.
Contributing to our local and global communities.
Protecting and enhancing the environment.
Diversity that enriches our learning community.
And in the life of the school we honour the unique place of Maori as tangata whenua of New Zealand. Reflection tools:
Written reflection
Video/audio Process:
Dedicated time in tutorials
Once a fortnight conference
One artefact per subject
Reflection blog:
What's going well in your learning?
What are you having difficulty with in your learning?
What's one thing you can do in the next two weeks to support your learning? Triangulation:
Three way learning dialogues
Parent Portal Reflection question:
How does your school record
i) evidence of learning and
ii) evidence of achievement? Reflection question:
How many different metaphors for e-portfolios can you come up with? Create an e-portfolio:
1) In groups of 2/3, build a paper aeroplane
2) Refine the process down to three steps
3) Reflect on the process using www/ebi

Together we'll build an e-portfolio on paper aeroplanes Key competency dilemmas:
Assessing the KCs
Capturing competence
Cross pollination
Student ownership
Feedback/Feed forward
In and across contexts
Perfomance-based Family/whanau
Granular permissions
Private/ public/ friend/ group/ secret URL
Time limits
Feedback built in
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