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The Little Mermaid Marketing Campaign

No description

megan collier

on 31 March 2014

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Transcript of The Little Mermaid Marketing Campaign

By Megan Collier and Rebecca Cannell
Brand Image
The Little Mermaid Atlantica theme park
Social Media
Smartphone App
Offline Campaign
Online Campaign
Disney was founded in 1923 by Walt Disney,

“The Disney brand, of course, is one of the most powerful in the world. It connotes quality and creativity, but also carries a strong whiff of mass culture” (NY Times, 2008)

Disney has never lost its original heritage; we want to incorporate this strongly into the new park.

Disney has always met consumer needs and we will ensure that the Atlantica park will incorporate the original attributes, Upscale, elegant, traditional and of exceptional quality sweet, adorable and designed with a new-born in mind as well as nostalgic, rich in storytelling heritages and timeless in its message.
We intended to design rides appropriate for children under the 40 inches regulation that the majority of Disney rides hold.

Atlantica will be a fully functioning park based on the film, The Little Mermaid. In which the park will capture the sense of ‘magic and adventure’ from the other Disney parks but with attractions and activities that suit a younger audience.

We feel that there is a need for Atlantica, as many parents have blogged that small children get easily bored at the main parks through lack of rides and exhibitions; therefore we have designed a park that will engage all audiences.
Disney strive on building a community of dedicated fans and has therefore used social media to enhance this through being able to uniquely connect with their fans. With over 300,000 likes on Facebook and 29,000 followers on twitter they engage with their target audience and keep up with trends to implement new strategies.

Colouring competition upload to twitter/Instagram with the #Atlanticaexperience the winner gets a free family holiday to Disneyland Florida (2 adults and two children)

#Atlanticaexperience encourage visitors to post a photo of their experience- increase awareness influence customers to come and enjoy/partake in the experience

Opening show night #welcometoatlantica

As well as using social media as a method of promoting their campaigns Disney uses both online and offline campaigns:

QR Code linking guests to Atlantica theme park webpage trough Disneyland it also identifies where visitors are in the park, check in and games download to keep children entertained

Keep feeding in new customers through trip advisor in which when visitors comment on the Disneyland Florida profile they receive a 10% off voucher to use at the park

Interactive ads on all smart devices through catch up sites/apps ie ITV player

Smartphone Application

Digital Marketing
We have created a brief mock-up of our Pinterest account to convey the themes of the park, as well as some of the merchandise that will be retailed in both the park gift shop and the Disney store.
Disney aim to be the leading producers and providers of information and entertainment

They seek to develop the most creative, profitable and innovative entertainment experiences and related products in the world

we have developed a theme park which will comply their mission statement. Atlantica will be a Disney theme park based on the Disney picture "the little mermaid"

The purpose will be to create a family attraction aimed predominantly at young children enabling visitors of all ages to enjoy the magical experience

The demographics of Atlantica park will be professional working families with children under the age of 10
RACE Model
According to Keller "a brand should excel at delivering the benefits that customers truly desire"
Sea horse caracel

Atlantica''s castle

The ship wreck restaurant and play area

Peal tea cup rides

Usrula's evil under water ride

Arial's cave gift shop

Sebastian's musical sing along with MP3 download
55% of people own a smart phone

50% of mobile phone users use phones for their primary source of internet

1.23m on Facebook
The app will include a check in device where visitors can check in along the way.

Games to entertain children

QR codes will be located across the park when scanned will link to both the check in face through Facebook and games page

Alerts to notify guests of upcoming show times

Sebastian musical sing along device with MP3 download
All our offline campaign promotions with include the #Atlantica experience in order to engage with consumers further.

Magazine- take a break, Marie Claire to attract grandparents through their wealth, Colouring competition in children’s magazines

TV- Disney channel programme where children can put themselves on the TV. Advertise outside prime time TV to attract older people and raise awareness

Disney store- merchandise with promotional offer

Poster- tube posters to attract parents and wealthy demographics who are likely to go to Disneyland Florida

Cinema- adverts promoting the park in other Disney Films

McDonalds- free merchandise characters with happy meals
Usefulness of models
The end
Physical Environment
Internet- Website, online ads, interactive ads, social media

Direct Sales- Travel agents, competitions, merchandise

Peer to Peer- Trip Advisor, social networking

Retail- Disney shop, McDonalds
Strategic- Offers for children, competitive pricing, competitions

Penetration- Basing park prices on the economic climate to entice custom

Philological- Making tickets cheaper ie £49.9
Employees- Charismatic, fun, creative, good with children

Management- Creative, health and safety trained, structured organisation, management skills

Culture-Disney culture, magical fantasy, adventure, family, imagination

Customer service-service quality
Especially relevant to serviced industries- the service is an experience

Consumed- Thorough experience promoted by staff
SMART- modern, imaginative, unrealistic

Comfort- seating arrangements, rest rooms, eating facilities, facilities, disabled access
Special offers

Advertising- Offline and online channels incl Instagram or Pintrest, Leaflets & Posters

Direct Emailing

Free gifts (McDonalds) & Joint ventures

Competition- Colouring competition
Design- Underwater, based on film, fun, luxury

Technology- Innovative,technology, social media links

Convince- Information easy to source

Value- Extensive experience

Branding- Incorporate brand and heritage

Accessories- Merchandise
Affiliate and partner marketing (McDonalds)

Online advertising

Offline advertising (Women's magazine, take a break

Social Media

QR Code

App for smartphone
Content marketing

Mobile marketing

Social CRM

E-newsletters and promotional emails

E-contact strategy
Act and Convert
Lead Generation techniques

Conversion optimisation

Interactive adverts

Souvenir on visit

Home page optimisation
We decided to use the race and the digital marketing mix as we felt that they could be applied to our project most relevantly

We choice the RACE model and the Digital Marketing mix due to the nature of our campaign. in which these models were the mos relevant

RACE- Disney's market is changing continuously, reaching and retaining consumers through social media allows the company to communicate effectively

Digital marketing mix- breaks down the tactics to create new strategies, and allows Disney to keep up to date with the changing technology
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