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on 10 March 2013

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Corporate Analysis History

Five Forces Analysis

Internal Analysis

Corporate Analysis

Internationalisation Analysis The BCG Matrix Strategic Analysis Content Data Table The BCG Matrix Content Strategic Issues and Options Strategic Issues

Future Strategic Options and Implementation American Economic Political Social local business that has government support Unstable economic

Low potential since occupied large market share. Rooted in American culture.

Age of Core customers. Political Economic Social Legal Asian/Pacific Governments in developing area offer various attractive policies for new investments. Fast-growth economic provides more opportunities.
Especially China, which is the only country continuously grown during financial crises. Purchasing motorcycle more than anywhere in the world.
Most of them are under 250 +cc machines.
Cheap labour cost In order to reduce the noise and theft, two-wheel vehicles are banned in about 100 major cities in Chain.
High risk to intelligent property Political Economic Social Legal European Restrict types of approval. Declined during financial crises.

high sales potential can guarantee from the increasing market share and sales revenue High demand.

Prefer performance bikes Noise and pollution control regulation.

Safety regulation. Harley-Davidson The Group Hongchao Fan (1213339)
Strategic Analysis Danning Wang (1128965)

Lin Zhou (1208612) Identification of Strategic Issues

Yunlei Zhao(1213338) Future Strategic Options

Khalid Ahmad Khattak (0900107) Strategy Evaluation and Selection Future Recommendations Harley-Davidson What are we?

Where are we?

Where do we want to be?

How do we get there?
1.Industry rivalry analysis
competitors concentration
the diversity of competitors
the product differentiation
the excess barriers
the cost conditions
2. Substitute competition
3. Bargaining power of buyer
4. Threat of entry
5. Bargaining power of suppliers Five Forces Analysis Harley- Davidson’s Resources & Capabilities Resources strength:
Large amount of cash flow;
High credit rating;
Profound culture influence in American market and brand image;
The HOG (Harley Owner Group) benefits the community between company and customers.

Resources weakness:
Declining financial performance;
High risk
Low expenditures on the R&D
Difficult to recruit talented employee Core Competences & Competitive Advantages Harley- Davidson’s Core Competences (VRIO analysis):
HOG (customer’s loyalty)
Brand name
Company culture
Advanced JIT procedure

Competitive Advantage (Value Chain Analysis):
Costs competitive:
Because of the good relationship with suppliers, Harley has the
cost competitive among the US market.
Competitive position:
Absolute advantage in US market. Issue Relation Strategic Issues (Logical Order) Business Level
Corporate Level
International Level
Supporting Function level Future Strategic Options Business level (Options based on competitive advantages)

Corporate level

International Level (Location/Market selection)


Further Recommendation Harley-Davidson How do we get there? Strategy Selection Harley-Davidson Strategy Implementation Strategy Selection Cont' Method: Strategy Evaluation

Feasibility History Analysis Entrance to EU and Asia/Pacific Market by alliance with local companies.

Cost Leadership/outsourcing by future contract.

Sell out Financial Services and Make a contract with 3Party insurance provider.

Aggressive investment in R&D. Recommendations Thank You Any Questions ? FUTURE STRATEGIC OPTIONS and IMPLEMENTATION
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