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Using Original Video and Sound Effects to Teach English

Describes the use of videos and sound effect to help learners of English in better understanding the language.

Frank Smit

on 30 October 2014

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Transcript of Using Original Video and Sound Effects to Teach English

Media in the classroom
Videos in the classroom
Different Techniques
Significance of radio & newspapers
''Radio can bring authentic content to the classroom where it may not be easy to meet and talk with native speakers of English” (Bedjou, 2006,28).

Newspapers are an authentic source of information.

Good teaching tools:

their availability

Shahla Yassaei
Using Original Video and Sound Effects to Teach English
Traditional exercises --> using audiovisual techniques
Audiovisual techniques can be integrated into the classroom through a number of ways:
radio programs
television shows

“It is well accepted that language is better acquired or learned where the focus is on interesting content,
and radio can certainly provide interesting
content” (Bedjou, 2006,28)
Integrating the use of video can contribute positively to the lesson's content:

It creates enticing visuals
Special interactive environment
Allows teachers to be creative when designing language lessons.
Videos provide a visual representation on rather abstract concepts for the learners.
The author mentions a few techniques when using videos.

• Freeze framing

• Subtitled films

• Picture-less listening (listening to the
audio before watching the video)

The idea behind video and sound effects lessons is that they can be used to teach grammar and vocabulary.
Our everyday life serves as a perfect resource for creating effective lessons and activities.

Breaking routines will :
Excite students
Engage them in the lesson
Teach them the real use of language in context.
Bedjou, A. 2006. Using radio programs in the
EFL classroom. English Teaching Forum (44) 1:
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