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Modular Automation

No description

peter forde

on 15 May 2013

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Transcript of Modular Automation

Cam Driven Assembly Introduction Martin Dolan
Business Development Manager Index:
Company History
Company Control Systems
Project Management Systems
Conclusion Medical Device SemiAuto Equipment Bespoke Automation Robot Assisted Automation Company Founded by local Engineer supplying Tooling and Fixtures 1986 1997 Set up CAD design department Moved to purpose built factory on this site
12,500 sq.ft 1993 Molex Takeover of Modular Automation 1999 Doubled the factory size to 25,000 sq ft. 2001 Management complete buyout of Modular Automation 2013 Modular Automation celebrates
25 years Turnover exceeds
€14.5 million 2006 2008 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)-Automate Design Department Electrical Engineering/ Design Department Production Department Controls Department Auto CAD Electrical Design

Integrated with ERP

Scalable workforce (10+)

R&D proof of principle Build, Test, Install and support carried out by the same people
Custom built Software
BOM Management
Purchasing Materials
Vendor Management
Resource Management
Time keeping
Finance Integration of all Departments on One Unique System Manufacturing Key Insights
Materials Purchasing:
ERP system
Recently invested €200k+ in Upgrade

70% Asia, Quality, Price, Volume
30% Local – Shorter Lead time
In-house Manufacture:
CNC Mills
EDM and Wire Eroders
Manual Mills, Lathes and Grinders Company History We welcome any Questions you may have Modular Automation has a proven track record in the Industry

Many repeat Customers, ability to manage the entire Product life cycle of our Machines

Continuous R&D, trailing of new technologies

Projects sponsored by company Directors

Ability to scale up production in response to demand

25 years of innovations. ISO 9001 Certified
Full capability for self certification of machinery
Experience implementing latest EN 13849
Latest Robot and Lazer safety standards Custom built ERP. Software Material Management Design Purchasing Time/ resource management Development of first 6-Axis transfer 2003 Automate
1/4 Of workforce in Design

Integrated into ERP.

Concepts are solid modeled

Senior Designers 20+ years Experience

Strong Emphasis on R&D and POD. Products Scalability (35+)

Integrated ERP System

Scalable facilities -Scalable workforce (or similar to other slides)

-Wide experience of platforms (Rockwell, Siemens, Mitsubishi etc)

-Official Integrator for Rockwell and Wonderware

-250+ robots integrated

-Integrator of Vision Systems Quality Management system,

•ISO 9001 Certified

• Documentation control

• Monitoring of KPIs

• Quality Audits

• Vendor audits and analysis

• Corrective and Preventive actions

• Inprocess inspection

Quality Manual
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