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M. Billman

on 28 March 2013

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Transcript of CHOCOLATE

All About Chocolate CHOCOLATE! A History of Chocolate 1000 B.C. The ancient Olmec from Mexico and Central America are believed to be the first people to use the cacao plant. 1300 A.D. The Aztec mixed cacao seeds with chilies to make a spicy drink 1528 Explorer Hernan Cortes brought the Aztec drink back to Spain. Mid-1500's French and Spanish nobles sweetened the bitter beverage with cinnamon and cane sugar. 1847 Joseph Fry & Sons of England cooked the first chocolate bar FUN FACTS!!! Chocolate-covered bacon is a popular treat at many state fairs The Scientific name for chocolate is Theobroma Cacao that means Food of the Gods. A miniature Stature of Liberty was built out of 229 pounds of chocolate! U.S. soldiers serving in World War 11 were the first to eat M&M's. The candy coating allowed troops to carry the high-energy treat without it melting! Pictures of chocolate!!
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