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Space Race Impact on Society

How the space race has caused such a large impact on research and society altogether.

robbie okray

on 16 May 2011

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Transcript of Space Race Impact on Society

The Space Race Sputnik What started the entire change. When launched caused upsets around the world Competition The space race was perhaps the most influentual competition between the U.S. and Soviets on today's society Technology and Education The space race was the beginning of the race for technology. Soon after the race began, schools changed drastically. They began to focus more on science and math. A New Appreciation The space race and space exploration has impacted society by giving a larger appreciation of the Earth as the space shuttles reach farther and farther out from this world. Earth Day Earth day actually began while the Apollo space program was being worked on: April 20, 1970 Satellites The space race made satellites a possibility. Satellites are used for soo many things today, as well as when they were created. Today.. space exploration centers, such as NASA are dedicated to multiple causes, some of which is the application of the unique environment in space to attempt to help the disabled. We have gone from giant full room computers to small handheld devices The space race was when the United States and the Soviets began to really begin to condense technology to get it to fit on the space shuttle. Possibly the number one influence on the world as to how it is today
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