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Group 4

No description

Sam Berg

on 28 October 2014

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Transcript of Group 4

Group 4
By Sam Berg, Grayson Amores, Ebony Hernandez, Madeline Moore, Derek Ojer, Noah Trout
In what ways were Britain's American colonies affected by events across the Atlantic, and how were their societies taking on a life of their own?

The international affairs allowed colonies to take on a life of their own
The mercantile system-trade
Migration--W Africa, Europe
French and Indian War-land
Great Awakening-from Europe
Sense of independence for colonies
European migration-Irish, English, Welsh and Scottish
West African slaves-agriculture
Migration and Trade
Originated in Germany-1727
Spread to America-1730s
Emotional style of preaching
Strengthened religious beliefs in colonies
First Great Awakening
Plantation-based societies
mercantile system
The French and Indian War
Seven Years’ War in Europe
British tried to claim land already owned by French
Treaty of Paris--France and Spain lost land
Fighting cost British lives and ruined economy
Britain later taxed colonies to pay debt
New industry and knowledge in colonies
Britain- supervise interests
British wars had influence on colonies
Unity due to anger towards Britain
Revivalist ideals shaped American religion
Result-becoming more independent
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