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Copy of Muscle Health:

No description

Peter Heidmann

on 24 October 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Muscle Health:

Muscle Health:
Maintaining the Engine of Performance

Other Myopathies
An Ounce
of Prevention
Careful attention to fitness training
The 2011 NFL lockout: hamstrings, achilles
Weekend Warriors

Test your hay!
Know WHAT you're feeding
If in doubt, test your horses!
Know WHO you're feeding

Oil Supplementation
Esp horses with PSSM/EPSM
Mild Anti-inflammatory effects
Omega 3 > Omega 6 Fatty Acids
Flax Seed, Soy Oil, Rice Bran Oil
Vitamin E

Muscle Disease from MANY different causes may all look the same!!!

Abnormal Muscle Metabolism:
** A Common Endpoint **
The "classic" syndrome:
- Firm/Painful muscles
Croup, Loin, Gluteal Muscles
- Sweating, Tremors
- Incr. resp and/or heart rate
- Abnormal Ca++ Metabolism
Decreased Muscle Function means:

Decreased Performance:

Inflammation -> Pain
Acidosis -> Pain

Muscle Cell Damage

Systemic Compications
Especially Kidneys
Normal Muscle
Abnormal Muscle (PSSM)
Often associated with:
- Poor Fitness
- Sudden Increases in Exercise
- Changes in weather, environment
- A second muscle problem...

Nutritional Myopathies
Selenium Deficiency
- Many regions have deficiencies
- Narrow safety range
Possible Toxicities (Custer)
- Test your horses!
- Test your feed!
Polysaccharide Storage Disease

Polysaccharide Storage Myopathy:
Abnormal processing of "sugars/starches"

QH bloodlines: QH, APHA, Appaloosa
Many Draft Breeds (aka "EPSM")
(aka "shivers")

Muscle stiffness, sweating , reluctance to move, Shifting lameness, tremors, "laziness"
Shivers Symptom

Regular and consistent exercise
Formulate rations carefully!
Test your forages and manage carbohydrates
Test for GSY1 Mutation
Glycogen Branching Enzyme Deficiency
- Severe carbohydrate metabolism abnormality
- Present in up to 10% of QH lineages
- Diagnosis: Special Stains, DNA test
- Fatal!

"Impressive Syndrome"
Hyperkalemic Periodic Paralysis
Abnormal Cell membrane Pump

Minimal dietary aspect
Hyper-excitability -> Spasm
DNA test to rule-out
Toxic Myopathies
Hormonal Contributions
Sycamore & Box-Elder Trees
Traumatic Myopathy
Strep equi myositis

IV Fluid Therapy
Muscle Relaxants
Anti-Inflammatory Meds

* Diagnose the underlying cause *
* Treat the underlying cause *

Ongoing Myopathy
Muscle cell death:
Possible Kidney complications

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