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The Benefits of Using Graphic Organizers in the Classroom

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Kris Milliken

on 11 June 2014

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Transcript of The Benefits of Using Graphic Organizers in the Classroom

Types of graphic organizers
Graphic organizers can take many forms, including a page of loosely organized notes, a simple outline, a Venn diagram, a connected organizational chart, or a bubble graph. Each of these different structures has its own benefits. The website
Holt Interactive Graphic Organizers
provides teachers with a wide variety of graphic organizers they can use with their students.

The website's address is

The Benefits of Using Graphic Organizers in the Classroom
Graphic Organizers make content easier to understand and learn
Graphic organizers help students understand and remember the material they are learning a lot better. Graphics usually help students differentiate between important information and what is not important.
Graphic organizers help demonstrate understanding
Graphic organizers are a great tool for activities that ask students to review concepts they have learned and to demonstrate their understanding of those specific concepts. They can be used to do so across all curricula areas, such as reading, science, social studies, and even math.
Students are more likely to be strategic learners when using graphic organizers
Reading and writing skills, communication skills, and critical thinking skills can all improve when students learn and recognize these patterns of thinking through the consistent use of graphic organizers.
Graphic organizers help improve focus
Graphic organizers enable students to organize material logically and to see relationships between and among ideas. Graphic organizers can also help students present their ideas in an effective and direct way, resulting in much more focus.
What Are Graphic Organizers?
A graphic organizer is a a communication tool that uses visual symbols to express knowledge, concepts, thoughts, ideas, and the relationships between them.
What Benefits Do They Provide Students?
There are numerous advantages to using graphic organizers in the classroom. They can benefit students of all ages in a number of different and very important ways. Lets take a look at what exactly they can do...
Something such as this free form web or a word map can be used with students to find synonyms of common words or to describe the personality traits of a character in a story students are reading.


Graphic organizers such as this one can be
used with students to determine the main idea of something that is being read.

The two graphic organizers below are great resources to use with students when practicing a skill such as sequencing.


Some of the many graphic organizers provided by Holt Interactive Graphic Organizers provide great resources to teach and assess cause and effect, Several examples can be found below.


In addition, on the website there are also KWL charts and tree diagrams available to use. These are some of the most popular types of graphic organizers and can be accessed anytime for free!



The are numerous benefits to using graphic organizers with our students. They help students become strategic learners, improve focus, they make content easier to understand and learn, and are great tools to access learning.

All of the different examples I shared with you today are
and can be accessed at any time. Once again, the website is...


Check them out for yourself and start using graphic organizers with your students today!
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