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5 Parts of a Job Interview

No description

Clay Yocum

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of 5 Parts of a Job Interview

5 Parts of a Job Interview
1. Before the Interview
3. The Interview
5. The Follow Up
2. The Start of the Interview
Greet Your Interviewer

Give a friendly handshake.

Introduce yourself.
Ask Questions
Give Them Your Info.
Make sure the Interviewer knows how to contact you.

It can be a phone number or email.

Make yourself available for when they contact you.

Drive to the location a day before.
Do this so you can know how far it is.
How long it will take you to get there.
To know about traffic.
Research the Employer
Do this so you can be familiar with the company.
Be prepared in case they ask you about the company.
Practice Answering
Do this to be prepared for what to say.

Do this to give thoughtful answers.
Don't Dress
Dress accordingly to what job you are being interviewed for.
Don't Be Unprepared
Not being able to answer a question, or taking too long, will look unprofessional.
Review answers in your head.
Be Positive

Give positive answers.

Don't be too loud or too shy.

Have Good Posture
Sit up straight.

Don't slouch.

Don't look uncomfortable.
Don't Behave Inappropriately
Don't chew gum.

Don't curse.

Don't mess with things like your pen, tie, fingers; It will make you look distracted.
Be Sure There Is an Interview
Call to make sure an interview is scheduled.

Ask for the time of the interview.
Look Interested
Face the interviewer wherever he's at in the room.

Keep eye contact when you are spoken to.

Focus on what the interviewer is asking you .
Make Yourself Look Good
Talk about your skills or knowledge.

Talk about your experiences.

What makes you different from everyone else?
Make a Good First Impression
Be confident when first meeting the interviewer.

Let them know you are glad to be there.
Don't Be Late
You shouldn't keep your interviewer waiting.

Being late will make you look uninterested.
Don't Get Off Topic
When asked a question, stick to the topic you are being asked.
4. The End of the Interview
Asking questions about the job will make you appear interested.

Contact Them
In a few days if they haven't called you , you call them.

Find out if you got the job.

This shows your interest.
Thank the Interviewer
Tell them you appreciate their time.

Shake their hand when you leave.
Don't Just Walk Out
Make sure they have your information and ask questions.
Thank-you Letter
Send a letter to your interviewer thanking them.
If You Don't Get Hired....
Accept rejection.

Send another thank you note for the opportunity.

Apply somewhere else.
When they offer you a seat...
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