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Media Project Presentation

No description

Jordan Claybaugh

on 21 October 2015

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Transcript of Media Project Presentation

Two Story Ideas:
1. UH Manoa: Active Shooter Awareness and Response Training

2. UH Manoa: Million Student March
Story Development
-Begin talking about the relevance to the recent events regarding shooter safety
-Tie into most recent: Roseburg, Oregon
Two Interviews
1. Chief of the DPS: Charles Noffsinger
Two Documents or URLS
Congressional Research Service Report
on public mass shootings in 2013 - 547 killed, increase in 2015

News Drivers
1. Timeliness:
happening now
2. Proximity:
at UH Manoa
3. Relevance to reader:
college students

1. Active Shooter Awareness and Response Training
Media Project Presentation
By: Jordan Claybaugh

-Offered by Department of Public Safety to any staff, faculty, or student
What is it?
"-Learn about various active shooter situations
-Discuss measures and options that can be taken to reduce the likelihood of victimization
-Learn what to expect when DPS and law enforcement arrive on scene
-Engage with DPS staff to learn about campus safety"
-The story would then cover the program and bring awareness to it for all UH students and staff
-Importance of training
-Relevance to recent events
2. Student doing the training:
How does the training help them?
Demographics of gun-owning households by Pew Research Center
: Over a third of all Americans with children under 18 own a gun in their home
-Images from session
-interaction between trainer and participant
-both student and faculty
-Introduce program
2. UH Manoa: Million Student March
-Do they feel safer?
-Space in which session is held
What is it?
Story Development
Two Interviews
Two Documents or URLs (Sources)
News Drivers
-Taking place on Nov. 12th, 2015
-Students, alumni, parents, and children will be marching
-"to demand tuition-free public college, cancellation of all student debt, and a $15 minimum wage for all campus workers"
-Originally proposed by democratic candidate Bernie Sanders, students all across the nation are taking interest, regardless of political party identity
-UH Manoa will be hosting a march around campus through the UH Students for Bernie Sanders club
-Would take place on the day of the event
-Introduce purpose & cause of the event
-What happens throughout the span of the march?
-student and staff interactions
-reactions of observers

Two organizers of the event:

Christina Kaleiwahea

Natalie Strauss
Two Students:

different perspectives
Facts and statistics about student debt and campus inequality:
2. New Zealand Journal of Psychology on student debt:
-Photos from the day of the rally

-Photos of organizers

-Photo displaying students in the march
: covers day of event
Relevant to reader
: college students
: politics
Unusual and unique
: not something that occurs often
at UH Manoa
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