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How to Survive the Death of a Family Member

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Colby Steele

on 6 October 2010

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Transcript of How to Survive the Death of a Family Member

How to Survive the Death of a Close Family Member 1st Its ok to feel sad. If you had a family
member die don't keep your feeling bottled up for this can cause major damage to your body let out your emotions and you will feel much better Know that EVERYONE feels pain when they loose someone close to them so your not wierd for showing saddnes it only shows that you are human. 2nd Talk to someone Even if its some other unknown relative who was crying hard at the funeral they are feeling the same thing and talking to each other will make you both feel better. Talking to people will relieve stress and make you feel a whole lot better 3rd Eulogy Writing and talking about the person is a great way to focus your emotions and it lets everyone know what you thought of the relative who has passed away. In the eulogy talk about how you knew the family member and all the fun times you had talk about how they contibuted to your life and what kind of person they were. 4th DO NOT LASH OUT AT PEOPLE If the relative was very close to you and you are so upset that you become angry dont lash out at those close to you out they have felt what you are feeling too and at some point you will regret and you will only feel worse. yelling at people around you only causes problems
instead try to focus that anger at something else like hitting a pillow, do sports, or do some thing that relaxes you once again do not bottle up your emotions. 5th never Forget When someone close to you dies never forget them try to think about how they made you life better and all the good parts of being with them because only when we forget someone are they truly gone Know these things and you will survie. Expected Results What is title of your ehibit How to survive the Death of a Close Family Member What did you learn I learned how writing and talking about the death of the family member can really help you and that bottling your emotions can cause harm to your body and it can lead to ulsers and even tumors What tools or resources did you use to complete this exhibit prezi, google images, laptop, textbook, and my life. How might you apply what you have lernedin this exhibit in the future. I can use this in the future if i have another family member die or if a friend does because i can help them to cope with the loss..

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