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Laura Ingalls Wilder

~ book report ~

Allison :)

on 20 December 2012

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Transcript of Laura Ingalls Wilder

Early Family: Parents: Caroline and Charles Philip Ingalls

The Ingalls Children:

- Mary Amelia. Jan 10, 1865 - October 20, 1928

- Laura Elizabeth. Feb 7, 1867 - February 10, 1957

- Grace. November 10, 1941 - November 10, 1941

- Charles Jr. (Freddie). November 1, 1875 - August 27, 1876 Born: When: February 7, 1867

Where: in Pepin, Wisconsin

Father: Charles Philip Ingalls

Mother: Caroline Quiner Ingalls A photographic story of a life By: Tanya Lee Stone Ingalls Moving:
Ingallses move to the banks of Plum Creek, Walnut Grove, Minnesota. Adult
Ingalls Wilder Ingalls Wilder 1886
Dec. 5
Rose Wilder born in De Smet. By Allison Wilder Laura Ingalls Wilder 1876
Ingalls family moves to Burr Oak, Iowa, to run Masters Hotel. 1878
Ingalls move to Walnut Grove again. Sept. 9
Ingalls family moves to railroad shanty in De Smet in the Dakota Territory. Dec. 1
The Ingalls move into the Surveyor's House. 1882
Dec. 10
Laura receives her first teachers certificate; begins teaching school Dec. 20. 1885
Aug. 25
Laura E. Ingalls marries Almanzo Wilder in De Smet. 1894
July 17
Wilders leave De Smet for Mansfield, Missouri. Purchase Rocky Ridge Farm. Aug. 12
Laura and Almanzo's baby boy dies, 12 days old; burial at De Smet Cemetery. Books Published 1932
Little House in the Big Woods published. (Age 65 years)

Farmer Boy (about Almanzo's boyhood) published.

Little House on the Prairie (about life in Kansas) published.

On the Banks of Plum Creek (about Walnut Grove, Minnesota) published.

By the Shores of Silver Lake (about De Smet, South Dakota) published.

The Long Winter (about De Smet) published.

Little Town on the Prairie (about De Smet) published.
These Happy Golden Years published. Laura Ingalls Wilder 1949
Oct. 23
Almanzo Wilder dies, Mansfield, Missouri.

Feb. 10
Laura Ingalls Wilder dies (age 90), Mansfield, Missouri. 1971
Laura's unfinished story, The First Four Years, published. Books: Wilder completed her first autobiographical work in the
late 1920s-Pioneer Girl

- it was a first-person story about her childhood on the frontier from the time she was three until she reached the age of eighteen.
- Rose edited the book
- Wilder submitted it to various publishers under the name Laura Ingalls Wilder.
- no one was interested Refusing to become discouraged, Wilder changed some things. The "I" in her stories became "Laura," and the focus moved from the story of one little girl to the story of an entire family's experiences on the new frontier. Wilder also decided to direct her writing at children, mostly. She did, however, sometimes streamline events. She would create or omitted others details in her life entirely (such as the birth and death of her brother), and created happier endings. She wrote about real people and things that had actually happened with just a little differences here and there. Spirituality The Ingalls girls were given a religious upbringing.
In their early years, prior to moving to Walnut Grove, it doesn’t seem that going to church was part of the Ingalls’ lives due to distance, but the family still observed Sunday as a day of rest
The girls received religious instruction from Ma and Pa because they are familiar with Bible stories and have memorized Scripture verses even before attending church or Sunday School. - got diphtheria, a terrible disease that causes breathing problems, which left him partially paralyzed. The house that Laura's husband built, burned down. They live in Mansfield for the rest of their lives. - Rose Wilder Lane became a journalist, travel writer, novelist, and political theorist. She is claimed to be one of the founders of the American libertarian movement.
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