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Copy of UMD football Team

No description

Joshua Bradt

on 7 October 2012

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Transcript of Copy of UMD football Team

Expand to include non-unique or shared assets
Combined with the purchasing system to allow seamless ordering of equipment as required by the team
Utilize barcode or RFID technology to more easily track and manage equipment
Develop apps to allow data management and access from tablets and mobile platforms
Sell our database system to other universities
Create an online marketplace to sell damaged equipment to fans
Utilize data mining to investigate key challenges like injuries Future extensions/other uses Equipment
Data entry
Database maintenance
Culture Easier access to information
Allows information to be accessed by numerous people and groups
Allows standards to be enforced in data to best maintain data integrity
Higher security
Business flow diagram Utilize the database approach to manage and track equipment information for the individuals
Tracking information on players, games, equipment and vendors will allow UMD to make better decisions to meet the needs of the team

UMD Football Team has 100 players on its roster
Each player has unique equipment needs and preferences
UMD Football Team will play 6-7 games away from UMD campus
UMD Football Team must balance player safety needs with organizational budget constraints Background American football is a very high impact game
Multiple types of equipment with vast amounts of customization
Equipment tailored towards safety concerns and individual player preference
Equipment must be tracked and managed by teams and organizations
Games played outdoors require different types of equipment
Business Problem Proposed Solution Entity-Relationship Diagram Benefits Costs Database approach will allow for better tracking of UMD Football Assets
Enhanced access to information will aid in decision making
Benefits must outweigh costs
Future uses provide compelling argument for implementation Summary
Joshua Bradt
Matthew Gui
Naiusha Rahbarn
Brisk Wu
Li Yu UMD Football Team Asset Tracking
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