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USIM's Trainee Student

No description

Nfatanah Sharludin

on 24 June 2014

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Transcript of USIM's Trainee Student

The Journey of Student Trainee
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
1.0 Company overview
2.0 Job description
3.0 Contributions
4.0 Advantage/Threat
5.0 Self analysis
6.0 Conclusion
Franky Construction Sdn Bhd is an integrated engineering and construction services company which was established on
25 September 1981

The company offers a
wide range of services
ranging from engineering, procurement, construction and construction management.

It is represent as one of the leaders in the construction industry in Malaysia with an excellent reputation for being professional, reliable and cost effective in the planning and execution of work as well as being able to successfully complete technically difficult projects within schedule.
Industrial training is one medium for on job training (
) before entering real working environment.

Thus, it is also a part of learning and the right timing and good opportunity to challenge your self.
6.0 Conclusion
1.0 Company Overview
Data Entry
- updating and key-in data into records/logs.
- Assist with interview arrangement and new employee/student trainee orientation.
- Assist with filing and documentation, student trainee orientation.
Independent Contractor
- Assist with arrangement to sign agreement and insurance.
- Assist with overtime, annual leave, non-pay leave calculation.
2.0 Job description
Able to learn how to
work in
organization and company in
professional way
Able to learn how to
deal with
difference race, nationality and personality environment.
Able to experience
clerical job

The PC still uses Microsoft Office 2003 format
Have to compete with others student especially from major in engineering, accounting, business management, etc.
4.0 Advantage/Threat
3.0 Contributions
Most of my contribution during practical training is an idea, time, effort, hard work and encouragement (

For example:
Create new interview evaluation form, quarters rule, training log record and safety guard contract.
Assist others until over working hour.
Teach housemate how to recite Al-quran (Chinese Muslim) and she is a part of Franky group staff.
Implement Da'wah bil hal during aerobic exercise with children at Rumah Kanak-kanak.
5.0 Self analysis / results
Success completed own objective

Giving a good impression as student trainee from Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM) as well as a
Enhance a few skills such as communication skills, management skills, administrative skills and so on.
Able to realize hidden personal strength and overcome own weaknesses.
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