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Event Delivery Timeline Sports Union

No description

Lauren Kirk

on 18 April 2016

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Transcript of Event Delivery Timeline Sports Union

4 weeks before
3 weeks before
Event day
2 weeks before
Event Delivery Timeline
Why & What?
Talk to the Union
We're not here to say 'that's a bad idea'. We're here to help.
Paperwork is good practice
Events take a lot of planning, especially if there's money or risk involved. Make sure you've got your paperwork done, it saves a LOT of hassle for you and us.
Budgeting is super important to make sure your club and members aren't left out of pocket.
Publicise and Promote
Nothing should be promoted online or on paper until you've done all the steps before this.

Do not advertise something and take ticket money when you've not finalised things with us. You'll be held liable for refunds.
Make use of your committee
If all your committee aren't attending your events (extenuating circumstances aside) then what does that tell you?

Make sure your committee are committed to everything you deliver as a club but be respectful of their deadlines and coursework. If your committee are passionate about your event, they'll inspire your members too.
Debrief & Feedback
Feedback from events is crucial. Did all your members enjoy it?
Did you sell all the tickets you thought you would? Could you expand the event for next time?

Make sure you ask for feedback, even if it's just a facebook post asking how everyone enjoyed the night.

Debrief to make sure committee were happy with how things went and everyone understood their roles, it'll help a lot for the next event!
WAY in advance, get deciding why you're doing an event and reason it.

What's the point in it? Is it to raise money? Awareness? Social?
Will you be using club funds, do you have any?
Will there be things to book?
Does everyone have exams and won't come?

Then think about what it could be.
Fundraisers, Recruitment & Give it a Go, Trips, Award Nights, Ceilidhs, Outdoor activities, Film Nights, Excursions, Pub Quizzes & Club Nights

Nick Manton - n.d.manton@stir.ac.uk
Event planning, budgeting and delivery

Lauren Kirk - lauren.kirk@stir.ac.uk
Marketing and promotion, poster design, social media and website

Sports President - sports.union@stir.ac.uk & Chris Purdie - christopher.purdie@stir.ac.uk
Event Planner forms, initial ideas, questions, direction, promotion

Jill Lowe - jill.lowe@stir.ac.uk
Booking accommodation/travel, insurance etc
All forms you might need are on the Union website
Download the helpful event planning presentations and read them through, it will help you work through things methodically and ensure you don't miss anything important. We can go through it with you, speak to Chris Purdie or your Sports President for help.
Don't forget VAT at 20%!
You need to submit purchase orders before ANYTHING is purchased. For example, cost for Ceilidh band, room hire, travel costs, decorations. This way we can make sure you have enough money to pay. DO NOT pay for things with your own cards without speaking to us first.
Posters do not guarantee numbers. Use social media, personal networks and the website events calendar! Make sure you also use your members, word of mouth is underrated.
TAKE PHOTOS! Facebook albums of event photos drive incredible amounts of traffic and are a great way for people to see what you get up to as a club - free promo!
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