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The Road Ahead

No description

Jo Re

on 28 April 2015

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Transcript of The Road Ahead

WyCAN's Beginning
In 2009, the United States Department of Labor awarded a Federal grant to Arizona, Wyoming, Idaho and North Dakota to form a consortium to study the feasibility of designing, developing, and implementing a core unemployment insurance Benefits and Tax/Premiums information technology system that could be used by multiple states. In September of 2011, Colorado joined the consortium with the withdrawal of Idaho.
The Vendor
The Contract
Contract negotiations were completed in August 2013 and the 42-month "Build Phase" started immediately following by an implementation deadline of December 31, 2016.
What We Have Done So Far
At this time we have:
Completed multiple iterations in Benefits
Completed all iterations of Global between 11/1/13 and 7/1/14.
Completed several iterations in Tax/Premiums
Completed testing functionality for Global, Benefits and Tax/Premiums.
Initial Claims Filing User Tests were completed as of late October 2014.
Timeline for Benefits
We have already begun working on the requirements for Benefits as of 11/1/13. We have completed several iterations including claims filing, weekly claims filing, initial system testing, adjudication and we have started BAM and BTQ in early April.

WyCAN will continue to run iterations for Benefits functionality until approximately 5/6/16.

Timeline for Tax/Premiums
We have already begun working on the requirements for Tax/Premiums as of 11/7/13. We have completed multiple iterations, including maintaining employer accounts, reactivating accounts and initial user testing.

WyCAN will continue to run iterations for Tax/Premiums functionality until approximately 4/5/16.
Timeline for Appeals
We began working on the requirements for Appeals as of 2/24/15 and are currently reviewing documents prior to data conversion and mapping. WyCAN will continue to run iterations for Appeals functionality until approximately 3/24/16.
Timeline for Imaging and Interfaces
We have already begun working on the requirements for Imaging and Interfaces as of 5/6/14.

WyCAN will continue to run iterations for Imaging and Interface functionality until approximately 12/2/16.
The Road Ahead
WyCAN Development Timeline
On June 28, 2012 the consortium released a request for proposal to select a vendor to build an integrated unemployment insurance system based upon the consortium's work.

In October of 2012, evaluation of the responses to the request for proposal began.

On January 31, 2013, the intent to award HCL America as the vendor to build and host the new unemployment insurance system was posted.
The product we will be using is a Software as a Service, cloud based system called iGovern.
Is the part of the system that deals with functionality that is used in every piece of the system including Benefits, Tax/Premiums and Appeals. It includes dashboards and other tools.

Addresses the functionality for claimant services including claim filing, separation determinations and fraud prevention.

Refers to functionality for employer services including charging and liability.

Includes the functionality for both employer and claimant rights to challenge determinations.

Refers to the point of communication between the system and any externals programs that share or submit information regarding a claim or employer account.

Speaks to the scanning or copying of hard documents into the system.

User Testing:
Is a phase of software development in which the software is tested in the "real world" by the intended audience.

Some examples of future Benefits iterations include but are not limited to:
Some examples of future Tax/Premiums iterations include but are not limited to:
Some examples of future Appeals iterations include but are not limited to:
Some examples of future iterations include but are not limited to:
To get this system off the ground we will need to conduct user acceptance testing in the final product with staff, claimants and employers. This is currently scheduled to start on 5/24/16 and go through 9/14/16.
*Sneak Peak
We will also make sure that staff has the necessary knowledge in order to transition to the new system. Extensive training is currently scheduled from 3/14/16 through 10/25/16.
We will continue to support the transition with the WyCAN Change Management Team. Please be sure to check out the tools and links developed so far.
Benefit Payment
Re-employment Profile
Benefit Payment Control
Overdue Taxes and Payments
Tax Accounting
Hearing Officer Scheduling
Setting up appeals/files
Issuance of hearing notices
Document Scanning
Interfaces with Federal programs
Interfaces with private or internally developed systems.
IGovern System Start Page where claimants, employers and staff can select the appropriate section of the system to log into.
Claimant Services Login Page. This is accessed on the previous screen shot under "Benefits" for Claimant Services staff to assist costumers and complete job functions.
Do You Know How to WyCAN
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Meet The Team
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