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East Texas Piney Woods

No description

Zoey Carlile

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of East Texas Piney Woods

City: Houston
River: San Jacinto
Topography: Bottom-land marsh
Animals: muskrat, mink, and river otter
Plants: sweetgum water oak, and willow
Climate: temp:
rainfall: 56-23in
City: Arlington
River: Brazos
Climate: temp: 57-88 rain:27-32in per year
Plants: live oak, hackberry, and sugarberry
Animals: Quail, bucks, and chickens
Topography: rooling hills
A major city in this region is Waco.
A river that flows through the Blackland Prairie is the Gorge river.
The topography of this area is rolling plains and level-land(prairie).
Rainfall: 35-45in. per year.
Temperatures: summer*80-90 winter*45-55

East Texas Piney Woods
Blackland Prairie
Gulf Coast Prairies and Marsh
Edwards Plateau
South Texas Plains
Post Oak Savannah
A major city in this region is Nacogdoches.

A river that flows through this area is the Sabine river.

The topography (shape) of the land is rolling plains with pine and oak trees.
The 10 Ecoregions
The trees in this region are.....
Loblolly pine
Blackjack oak
Post oak

The plants in the forests of this region are.....
american beauty berry
Temperatures: 90
Rainfall:33-45in per year
Cross timbers and Prairies
Rolling Plains
High Plains
Mountains and Basins

Average temp.:
- 70-90

Average rain.: 40-52in. per year

*On average this region get 215 days of sunlight.*
A river that flows through this eco-region is the Brazos River.
A major city here is Dallas.
The topography of this area is forested areas, and a bottom-land (marsh).
Animals: wild turkey, mountain lions, And black bears.
Plants: oak trees, den trees, meiss trees.
Water foul
Shore bird
American Elm
Winged Elm
<img src="" alt="Song Bird.jpg (372×247)"/>
One river that flows through this area is the Colorado river.
A city in this area is Lubbock, Texas.
The topography of this region is considered the largest flattest plains in Texas.
Animals that live here are burrowing owls, white-tailed deer, and green jays.
Plants that germinate in this region are butterflyweed, winecup, and indigo brush.
Rainfall: 23-35in per year
temp.:: summer-60-90
The major river in this area is the Rio Grande.
A major ciry in this region is El Paso.
The topography of the land contains mountains, valleys, brush land, hills and plateaus.
Animals that live here are cotton mouse, coyotr, and rattlesnake.
A major city in this are is Arlington.
A river in this region is the Brazos river.
The topography of this eco-region is rolling hills and flat areas.
The plants here are Mexican plum, Carolina buckhorn, and indian grass.
The animals here are raccoons, foxes, and songbirds.
Climate: temp: 45-70
Rain: 22-30in per year
Red fox
city: Fredericksberg
river: Pecos
animals: Rio Grande turkey, raccoon, and ringtail
plants: Basin bell-flower, wild rye, and Texas wild-rice
climate: Temp:40-100 Rainfall: 23-35in per year
topography: rolling hills/plains
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