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ROV Control System

No description

Sara Zahran

on 29 December 2013

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Transcript of ROV Control System

ROV Control System
Problem Statement
• Balance of ROV .
• Electric device will short circuit when exposed to water.
• Water pressure may cause water proofing failure.
• Manipulator movement.

• Create low cost ROV compare to conventional ROV.
• Build ROV that can be modified easily to AUV.
• Shield ROV components and connections.
• Build Control system that can balance Rov underwater.
• Control motor speed.
• Serve MATE ROV Competition 2014.

Control Deliverables

Process data of sensors.
Send control action for motors.

Interfacing between processor and sensors.
Interfacing between processor and motors.
Circuit design.
Circuit implementation.

Thank you
Any Questions !!
Presented By:
Sara Zahran

Control system milestones
with prospective duration
Nov 1st to: Dec 15th
Jan 15th to: Jan 25th
Jan 26th to: Feb 3th
Feb 4th to: Feb 12th
Milestone 1
• Survey on the last “MATE ROV Competition 2014” teams.
• Gathering the components used by the last teams.
• Study “MATE ROV Competition 2014”missions.
• Study “Rov local competition 2014”missions.
• Algorithm how to serve both missions.
• Select the components needed.
• Integrate with mechanical team overview.
• Search on suppliers.

Milestone 2
• Order selected components.
• Study motor interfacing.
• Circuit design.
• Circuit review.
• Study the programming language.
• Study controller hardware.
• Flow chart.
• Study kinematics for manipulator control.
• Determining needed code blocks and functions.

Milestone 3
• Circuit implementation.
• Circuit tesing.
• Review flow chart.
• Achiveing kinematics formulas.
• Configuring sensors.
• Start coding.
• Test coding.
• Hard soft Integration.

Milestone 4
• Integration with mechanical.
• Troubleshooting.
• Documentation.
• Preparing for eligibility round.
• Final delivery.

Control Work Breakdown Structure
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