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No description

Kaitlyn Greening

on 23 October 2014

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Transcript of LinkedIn

“Some 22% of online adults are LinkedIn users. As a platform geared towards professional networking, its user demographics are unique from the other sites discussed above. Specifically, LinkedIn usage is especially high among people with a
college degree or higher
, and among those with an annual household
income of $75,000 or more
. It is also the only social networking site we measured for which usage among
50-64 year olds is higher
than usage among those ages 18-29.”

Source - Pew Internet Research Center: http://www.pewinternet.org/2013/12/30/demographics-of-key-social-networking-platforms/

Who are the users on LinkedIn?

What does it say about you?

• Brand personality
• Power of recognition
• Industry appropriateness
• Extent of professionalism

Who would you hire?
Individual Profiles: Profile Picture
Individual Profiles: Settings
What does it say about where you are and where you are headed?
Speaks directly to your audience
Supports your career goals
Growing within your current role vs. being easily identified as a job candidate

Great opportunity for

Individual Profiles: Headline
Networking Tips and Tricks
Identify how you want to be contacted AND evaluated.
Only list channels and platforms that strongly demonstrate your skillsets. Ex: Personal blog, company website or social media channels
Individual Profiles: Contact information
Individual Profiles: Settings
Individual Profiles: Summary
Individual Profiles: Experience
Individual Profiles: Causes & Awards
Individual Profiles: Order Sections
Finding Others: Get Connected
Strategy for LinkedIn Invitations

• Customized message that helps you stand out.

• Get into the habit of regularly adding people.
1) Collect business cards.
2) After a meeting, reach out on LinkedIn.
3) Put a link to your profile in the bottom of an email

Finding Others: Get Connected
• Utilize the "People You May Know Feature"

Finding Others: Find Alumni
• Join alumni communities

Alumni tool
-Based on the education background you enter on your profile
-Can narrow results
according to goals and/or

Finding Others: Get Connected
•Import Contacts
-Choose your email platform

-General skills and expertise
-Specialized skills unique to a
particular profession

1) Membership Organizations
2) Industry Associations
3) Networking Group

Getting Noticed: Publish Articles
Getting Noticed: Utilize Search
LinkedIn operates much like a search engine.

Your profile
: Add keywords to your profile – header, summary and job experience sections.
a. What are the key traits of your job?
b. Look at the job listings and find out what qualities and requirements are showing up consistently.
c. Determine where you can honestly and appropriately incorporate those into your online profile.
d. What are people not including that you can offer on your profile?

Your search
: Search for business connections or employment opportunities.

Finding Others: Publish Articles
Full Media
: https://www.linkedin.com/company/full-media/

Sandler Training
: https://www.linkedin.com/company/sandler-training/

Will Nelson, Recuriter
: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/activities/will-nelson+0_1qQE4aAI_-D9OcQO20dfyq?trk=prof-0-sb-rcnt-act-link

Getting Noticed: Utilize the Search
If I click on jobs, it shows me all jobs that have the words “Chattanooga mechanical engineer” in the job listing:
Getting Noticed: Utilize the Search
Getting Noticed: Utilize Search
If I click on people, I am shown people who hold jobs titles that include the words “Chattanooga mechanical engineer.” I have also set some additional filters to narrow this list:
Getting Noticed: Utilize Search
Search filters available in the free profile:
Getting Noticed: Utilize Search
Use filters to identify new clients, search for jobs and grow your LinkedIn network.
Save searches that yield the best results for your career goals.
Identify relevant connections
- Send a message
- Get connected to people with a second connection
Getting Noticed: Utilize Search
Make sure you receive notifications!
Keyword hot spot for job
recruiters/online searchers
Share stories and highlight accomplishments
Lead with your
accomplishment first
Results-driven vs. experience-driven fields
- Milestones
- Awards
- Responsibilities
Does it showcase your
Does it help people consider your
Does it capture people's
If YES then consider posting to your page or another interest group.
Get introduced.
Thank You!

Maggie Hodges mhodges@fullmedia.com

Let's Connect!


Build relationships
Use as stepping stones
Be creative
Be stringent
Focus on:
1. Individual Profiles

2. Getting Noticed
Getting Started
And finally...
with friends.


Source: http://theweek.com/article/index/265850/the-10-best-networking-tips-for-people-who-hate-networking
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