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I M Learning iPad Introduction

Complete beginners guide to iPad use for the IM Learning Project at Laude Newton College

Paul Harbour

on 28 September 2015

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Transcript of I M Learning iPad Introduction

So, what can it do?
Let's start with the buttons. All three of them.
Tapping on the home button
What happens? What else? What else?
What about a double tap? A triple Tap?
Introduction and Overview
Even if you think you can use an iPad for everything, you can't...
Next, let's look at swiping and tapping.
What happens when you swipe left or right?

What happens when you swipe up or down?
Everyone can use an iPad. Fact.
Notifications/Today/Quick access
A brief introduction to the iCloud
Apps on the iPad
These are some Apps which I've found to be really useful for basic iPad work:
Good News.

Someone else has done most of the work for you already.

All you have to do is put all the bits together.
Well, from a plan. Let's look at a simple lesson plan, then see how we can add in some technology. I'm going to use a recent lesson of mine as an example.
Medium term plan says:
Subject: ART
• To select and record from first hand observation and to
explore ideas for different purposes
• To compare methods and approaches used by others
to show figures and forms in movement

I've taken two of the key ideas...
To: Explore ideas
To: Show figures and forms
Now What?
Now the fun starts :-)
, Spotlight Search, Showbie,
, Google Docs,
, Puffin Browser,
, Google Drive and Dropbox, Keynote and PowerPoint,
YouTube, Google Maps, ClassDojo.
Creating a lesson from nothing.
and linked it to our Aztecs theme
It's Familiar...
(Also known as
And Finally...
What do you think?
Think about a recent lesson of yours. How can you use this technique?
Lesson Plan Activities
Medium Term Plan Objectives & Outcomes
(This is where your creativity starts)
I M Learning - An Introduction to the iPad
The software tools I have used in this presentation are:
Google Chrome, YouTube, iPad Camera, EdPuzzle, Educreations, Prezi, GMail, ClassDojo, iCloud, PowerPoint and Kahoot plus the various preinstalled apps on the iPad.
oh, and the Internet (loads)
The hardware tools I have used are:
An iPad, My own iMac (But it could have been any computer), My own iPhone, Kettle (loads).
To build confidence in the use of the iPad.
To develop basic iPad skills.
To create a resource which can be used in the classroom.
Before we get going on how we can use the iPad in class, here are some top tips:

1. Always have a Plan B
2. See Number 1.

No, that's it. Seriously.
Think kids are better with Technology?
A two year old can use a TV remote control but can't find his mouth with a fork full of spaghetti.
You can do both.
(Please tell me you know where your mouth is.)
I have set up a Class in Class Dojo for you all to join.
Firstly we need to go to the App Store and get Class Dojo installed on your iPads
1. Go to the home page
2. Click on App Store
3. Type 'Class Dojo' in search
4. Click on 'Get'
5. Create account (Student)
6. Enter Code (from paper)
And a brief introduction to the iPad in Education...
So, let's start...
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