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The Tundra Territory

No description

Leanna Fore

on 2 December 2014

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Transcript of The Tundra Territory

The Tundra Territory
The Tundra biome can be found in Eurasia, North America, Alaska, Canada, and Siberia
Some animals that live here are Arctic foxes and hares, snow owl, caribou, the musk ox and of course the common polar bear.
The Tundra is the youngest biome.
Some plants that grow here are moss, sedges, lichens, dwarfed shrubs, and algae. In Antarctica there are only two native vascular plants: Antarctic hair grass and Antarctic peal wort.
In the tundra the climate is very cold, summer rarely reaches 50 F. Para frost covers the tundra biome preventing it from tree growth. Depending on the latitude the sun can remain below the horizon for up to two months.
There are two types of Tundra biomes: the Arctic and the Alpine
There are mountains in the Tundra, also in the summer, lakes and rivers form on the surface from the melting snow. Some mountains are very dangerous their are two active volcanoes in Antarctica.
The tallest mountain in the world, Mount Everest, is found in the tundra biome.
Fun Fact
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