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studying abroad

No description

bashair alfraih

on 5 November 2014

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Transcript of studying abroad

studying abroad
Objectives of studying abroad:
1. completing study at a certain stage.
2. Learning a new language.
3-developing skills and gaining new experiences.
There are many benefits and advantages of studying abroad. In contrast, there are disadvantages do not benefit the student.

1- moving to other country and leaving alone that make them gain more experience and can stand alone.

2-The second one is, they ’ll have the benefit of force language speaking.

3- High-level universities in some countries such as the United States, Canada, Germany and the United Kingdom, France, Australia. often be required.

4-Increasing the proportion of doctors who specialize in rare medical fields.

5-Dependence and self-confidence, ease of communication and contact with others.
Studying abroad


1- Lack of language proficiency is a major obstacle during the study.

2- Differences teaching style could be difficult in the first months.

3- Difference laws and systems of life can be difficult for them.

4- The cost of living in other countries is quite expensive.

5- The difficulty of finding friendships and communicating with others in the beginning.

6- Homesickness
Thanks for listening.
(Statistical of some students in March 2012)
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