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Integrated Reporting at Danone

No description

Robin Decroocq

on 18 March 2015

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Transcript of Integrated Reporting at Danone

Guiding principles and content elements

The "International Integrated Reporting Framework"

Value created for the
organization and for others

What is an "Integrated Report" ?

Maria Künzi & Zora Born

Video content creation:
Marika Bianchi & Rozenn Deleon

Video production & quality assurance:
Robin Decroocq

Integrated Reporting at

“Integrated Reporting” provides a strategic focus

But why "One Report" ?
Economic and Social Report
Sustainability Report
Financial Report
Danone’s current reports

Guiding principles and content elements
The June 2014 exchange students team presents:
What is "integrated reporting"?
Disciplina EAC539 Relato Integrado e Sustentabilidade sob responsabilidade dos profs. José Roberto Kassai e Nelson Carvalho
- June 2014 -
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