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Megan Malloy

Teacher Candidate

Megan Malloy

on 26 June 2013

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Transcript of Megan Malloy

My principal would tell you...
My colleague would tell you...
A parent would tell you...
Megan Malloy

Looking for a great addition to your teaching staff?

•Four years of teaching experience in Chicago Public Schools

•Take on leadership roles within school community

•Differentiate instruction to meet all learners' needs

•Use data to drive instruction and evaluate student

•Facilitate use of technology in the classroom

•Career changer - Master's degree in education
with previous business experience in advertising
Education & Certification
Type 3 Certification (K-9)
•Use data to guide instruction and differentiate small group lessons and class work
Leadership Experience
•Assist in making decisions regarding the future and vision of the school
•Plan and lead professional development days for staff
•Utilize technology to instruct students through videos, websites, SMART Board, and various presentation tools
Technology in the Classroom
I hope to hear from you soon!
Phone: (309) 825-8127
Email: mmalloy82@gmail.com

First Grade Teacher
James Gray
Heather Banu
Special Education Teacher
Parent of Former Student
First Grade Teacher
Liz Busch
Endorsement - Social Studies
Completed Illinois Gifted Education Seminar
Bachelor of Science in Advertising
M.Ed. in Elementary Education
Loyola University Chicago
GPA: 4.0/4.0
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
GPA: 3.95/4.0
Bronze Tablet Graduate (top 3% of class)
Hamilton Elementary
Chicago Public Schools
September 2009 - Present
•Establish organized and efficient classroom routines to create a rigorous and safe learning environment with clear expectations for performance and behavior
•Easily accessible to parents, students, and colleagues before or after school, via email, or by cell phone
•Facilitate student use of technology through iPads, computers, iPods, and the SMART Board
•See one of my student's Prezis here:
•Co-plan and co-teach whole group and differentiated small group lessons with other staff members
Instructional Leadership Team Member
•Unpacked the common core state writing standards
•Wrote school’s current common core aligned writing curriculum

Curriculum Developer
•Assist eight staff members and manage the tasks surrounding mandated district testing
mCLASS Coordinator
"She is eager to engage in professional dialogue and to share her classroom experiences during planning and team meetings." - Liz Busch
"When my daughter was in her class, I was always kept up to date through newsletters, email updates, and work sent home. If I emailed her with a question, she responded promptly." - Heather Banu
•Create and administer interventions to provide students with needed resources and supports
"There are many things about Megan that stand out, including her reflectiveness, ability to differentiate instruction, and her organization skills. Megan may be the most organized and efficient person I have ever met." - James Gray
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