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Odysseus and the Curse of Poseidon

Mythology project by Abdullah and Alex.

khalil nayney

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of Odysseus and the Curse of Poseidon

THE CURSE OF POSEIDON They reached an island which belonged
to the Ciconians or Kikonians. They started sailing home after the war, His crew survived the storm, but reached another island of the Lotus eaters. Polyphemus ate some of his men. They left the Island of the Lotus Eaters, but on their way they
arrived to another island. After Odysseus' crew left and blinded Polyphemus, Polyphemus prayed for vengeance on Odysseus to his father, Poseidon. The Start of the Journey... It all started when Odysseus left his family to fight in the war for king Menelaus (his ally) against the Troy army. King Menelaus (king of Sparta) lost
his wife because Helen who was the
Goddess of beauty and perfection made
King Menelaus' wife fall in love with Paris
who was the king of Troy. The war went on for 9-10 years but finally ended. but then a storm arrived. Odysseus' crew attacked the
Ciconians. After, Zeus got angry
at them, so while they
went sailing again, he sent
them a terrible storm. They ate the flowers, and became lost and confused. But Odysseus realized what was happening to his men, so he and a couple others dragged the rest of them back on board. Odysseus and his crew entered in a cave. But little did they know, it was the Polyphemus' (cyclops') cave. But after, Odysseus came up with an idea to give the cyclops a potion, which would make him drunk and fall asleep. Odysseus stabbed his eye with a large stick, and then he and his crew ran away! Polyphemus tried to chase his crew, but he was blinded and struggled. They managed to escape and get back on the ship. Poseidon then cursed Odysseus and his men, and caused another storm for them to fight through. But then again, they survived. However, they were blown to Aeolia, home of Aoelus. Aeolia Aoelus was the ruler of the winds. When Odysseus was departing the island Aeolia, he was given a bag that was filled with wind from Aoelus. The bag which contained all the winds would guide
Odysseus and his crew home. When Ithaca was near and Odysseus slept, his men
became curious and decided to open the bag. All of the wind
escaped and made
the ship go back to
Aeolia, and when Odysseus asked for another bag, Aoelus refused and sent
them away. The Laestrygonians Since they didn't have any wind, they continued
their journey and traveled to the land of the Laestrygonians. Some of his men were turned into dinner, but the remaining fled to the ships. The Laestrygonians who were a powerful race of giants destroyed all of the ships but Odysseus'. Island of the Witch-Goddess When his men arrived to Aeaea, they encountered
Circe, who was the Witch-Goddess. She then turned his men into pigs. Odysseus was about to rescue them, but was approached by Hermes, who gave him a special potion to protect himself from her. After, Odysseus threatened her and demanded her to turn them back to humans, and she did. Odysseus became Circe's lover and he
and his men lived on the island for a year,
until later they finally decided to leave. Circe told him that he must go to the
Underworld and speak to Tiresias if he
wants to go home. They went and performed sacrifices in the Underworld to
talk to Tiresias as Circe told him to do. Tiresias foretold his faith and warned him of the upcoming
obstacles he would have to face, such as two monsters. He also said to him not to harm the flocks of the Sun on the land of Thrinacia or he will have to go through more hardship. SIRENS AND THE MONSTERS As their ship approached the Sirens, Odysseus' men plugged their ears so they wouldn't be affected by the seductive music. They made it through the Sirens, but they still had to pass the 2 monsters, Scylla and Charybdis. Scylla who was a 6 headed monster ate 6 of the sailors, but the crew and Odysseus still managed to push through and pass the whirl pool and the 6 headed monster. The Island of the Sun and Calypso's Island As they sailed on, they stopped at the Thrinacia, the island of the Sun. They rested on the island, but as Odysseus slept, his men disobeyed his orders and
slaughtered the cattle on the island. Sun then told Zeus about what they did, and
as Odysseus and his men departed from the island,
he kicked up and made another storm. This storm was more treacherous than the other storms, and all of Odysseus' men died, except Odysseus himself. He barely made it alive, and his body was washed to the shores of Calypso's Island (Ogygia). He was kept there for 6 years, until she let him go. Home The Phaeacians helped Odysseus sail home to Ithaca. As Odysseus slept, the Phaeacians controlled the ship. When they made it home, Poseidon saw the Phaeacians
assisting Odysseus and was enraged. He asked Zeus if he could punish them, and Zeus allowed him to. When Odysseus woke up on the island of his home, he was confused as the whole place was covered in mist. After fighting 108 suitors that wanted his wife Penelope, he finally reunited with his wife and son after many decades. However, only Odysseus didn't. He made his men tie him to the pole on the ship. But after, Athena explained to him how it was his home and told him that it was time for him to battle the suitors and save his wife.
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