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Setting in TV Crime Drama

No description

D Huws

on 25 January 2012

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Transcript of Setting in TV Crime Drama

Setting in TV Crime Drama What would you expect to see? Make a list of key locations, e.g. cell Mise-en-scene - can you remember what it is? Mise-en-scene includes:
If you were to notice any of the following, you'd be talking about mise-en-scene:
- detective's black leather gloves
- victim's blood
- council estate where a crime occurs French word
literally means
"putting on the scene" (cc) photo by medhead on Flickr Look at the following images What can you identify in the Mise-en-scene which links to crime? Draw a table with two columns:

Setting Key Features Wider settings are also important Some dramas are set in specific geographical areas:
real cities - e.g. Law & Order set in London; NYPD Blue set in New York City
fictional towns/cities - e.g. The Bill set in 'Sun Hill'
counties - e.g. Wycliffe, set in Cornwall Many crime dramas are set in cities:
Los Angeles (The Closer)
Miami (CSI Miami)
London (Law & Order, Prime Suspect, etc)
Manchester (Cracker) Why is the city a popular place for crime dramas to be set?

Bullet point some key reasons - what makes London or New York a typical crime hot-spot? Identify the key elements of mise-en-scene Look at the following images: for each one, note some key things about the mise-en-scene:
- what does it suggest about the place?
- what crimes might you associate with it? Putting Setting into Context However, some are set in more rural locations: Wycliffe (Cornwall) Midsomer Murders (fictional county of Midsomer) Miss Marple (fictional village of St Mary Mead) How would you expect rural locations to handle crimes differently?

Bullet point some key differences Consider the differences between the following two clips
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