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Elma Sahuric

on 13 April 2011

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Transcript of P3Ma

The Middle Ages Religion There are 7 religions. The main
ones are Islamic and Christianity. The most important place for muslims is,
The Mosque. And for Christians is Church. The Mosque. The Church. Enviroment The Location of Europe is 50 degress North and 30
degress East. There is diffrent climates depending where you
are in europe. The Middle East is warm and dry while
the Coast is cool. In the whole world there are about
15 diffrent languages. Economy The land made the economy go around.
The Fiefs are small or big plots of land. And Fuel land is called the manor. Politics (Goverment) William the Conquerer was a leader.
Another big thing was fuedalism and the
basic rights, Magna Carta. A person who owns a Fief is
called a Noble Man. Inventions By: Elma Sahuric They invented Gun Powder, Cannons, and
soap. They also made Chimneys and fire places. And two more mirrors and silk! Thanks for watching! Hope you enjoyed : ) Culture In the middle
ages they had slaves
wich back then were
called Serfs. The Ural river
was very famous
too. It went through
Russia and Kazakhstan.
One thing that they
called a ''sport'' was
Jousting. Wich was
a fight between knights
while they were on horses.
Jousting was popular for
over 100 years! They also usually wore
either linen of wool.
It didnt change alot in
those ages.
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