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Gia Vaccarezza

on 30 January 2015

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Transcript of USA LANDMARKS

design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
From the West to East coast
- Every state has at least one national monument. There are a total of 108 registered national monuments

- In 2012 there were an estimated 401 national parks in the USA
- 18 National Preserves
- 46 National Historic Parks
- 90 National Historic Sites
-28 National Memorials
MANMADE (tourist)
- Golden Gate Bridge * Bridge in San Francisco that crosses the border between the San Francisco Bay and Pacific Ocean. It is 2,737m long.

- Empire State Building * A 103-storey skyscraper in NYC that was built in the early 20th century.

- Hoover Dam * Constructed to regulate the flow of water from the Colorado River between Arizona and Nevada in 1936. It is 222m tall.

-Hollywood Sign * The Hollywood sign is located on the hills of Los Angeles, CA.
The letters are 14m tall and the sign is 110 m long.

- Las Vegas * A city in the state of Nevada, it is the most populated city in that state and was founded in 1905. There are many hotels, casinos, and museums.
Natural Monuments
- Niagara Falls, NY
*167-ft waterfall on the border of Canada and New York State

- Giant Forest, Northern California
*See the world's largest tree (1487 m3) as well as other Redwoods. They are also some of the oldest trees in the world - between 1,800-2,700 years old.

-Grand Canyon
* A canyon that is 446km long, 29km wide in some areas and 1.6km deep.

- Mount Rushmore * The faces of 4 American Presidents (Jefferson, Lincoln, Washington, Lincoln) are carved into the granite Rushmore Mountain in South Dakota.

- Statue of Liberty * A large (93m tall) statue in the middle of New York Harbor, Lady Liberty was a present to the USA from France.

- The National Mall * 59 hectacres in Washington, D.C. where there are many national memorials including the Lincoln Memorial, The WWII Memorial, The Washington Monument, and the collection of Smithsonian Museums.

- Liberty Bell * In Philadelphia, PA. It weighs 900kg and was created in 1752, but cracked after the first time it was rung.

- Arlington Cemetery * In Virginia, this is a 253 ha cemetery for all soldiers who died in battle or who were veterans of any US war, beginning with the Civil War in 1865.
- Adirondacks *located in the upper-eastern part of New York State. Their area is 48,438 km² and their elevation is 1,629 m

- Rocky Mountains * Go from British Columbia in Canada down to New Mexico in USA (+4,830 km). The highest peak is 4,401 m

- Mississippi River *Drainage basin river beginning in Canada and depositing into the Gulf of Mexico (3,766km).

- Appalachian Mountains * Mountain chain in Northern USA. The
highest point is 2,037 m and they are 2,400 km long.

- Yellowstone & Old Faithful * Famous national park in Wyoming, 8,983km². There is a famous geyser from 1870, named Old Faithful.
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