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Apostles’ Creed

No description

Hannah Cockman

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of Apostles’ Creed

Apostles’ Creed
Cosmological argument
Holy spirit
Teleological argument
Ontological argument

The argument based on the idea that God is greater than anything else people can think of.

Ontological argument

The argument that the world is so complex that it must have had a designer and the designer must have been God.

Teleological argument

Belief in one God.


One person of the threefold nature of God.

Holy spirit

The teaching of forgiveness forms part of the most important and widely used Christian prayer – the prayer Jesus taught his disciples, commonly known as the Lord’s prayer.


An early statement of Christian belief.

Apostles creed

Belief about deity is about:
The nature of God
Reasons for belief in God
The concept of miracles
The ways in which these beliefs affect the life and outlook of Christians in the world today

Introduction to belief about deity

Belief about deity
The end of life
Good and evil
Religion and science

What will we be studying?

What are the 4 topics we are studying this term?
Each one of you will tell me one new word you learnt today and what it means.


Learn these words for next week


The Christian belief that God is three separate persons within One – Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


One person of the threefold nature of God.


The rising from the dead of Jesus Christ on the third day after the crucifixion.


The doctrine that God took human form in Jesus.


A Christian idea of paradise where the soul goes after death if it is free from sin to have eternal life with God.


One person of the threefold nature of God.


The argument that there must be a ‘first cause’ and that this was God.

Cosmological argument

Write down the keywords for this unit on the next slide and write a sentence to define or explain what you know about each word in relation to christianity:

Vocabulary for belief about deity

Is there something you believe in although you cannot prove it exists? Try to prepare a justification of this belief.
You have 5 minutes to think about it make notes on how you will justify it.

Class discussion

The assessment objectives are the same as for the ethics section.
AO1: to describe, explain and analyse, using knowledge and understanding.
AO2: to use evidence and reasoned argument to express and evaluate personal responses, informed insights, and differing viewpoints.

Assessment objectives

This is the philosophy section of the exam.
Write 3 things that you believe would come under this section.



Religious studies: philosophy and ethics


Belief about deity
Religious and spiritual experience Paper 601
The end of life
Good and evil
Religion, reason and revelation Paper 602
Religion and science

This is the philosophy section of the exam

Write 3 things that you belive wou;d come under this section
2 Jesus
3 chritianity
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