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How are humans impacting on meerkats

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emily mckenna

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of How are humans impacting on meerkats

By Emily Where meerkats live Meerkats live in the southern Africa grass lands and areas where there is not much rain.Meerkats dig burrows which are complex tunnel system which lead them to there sleeping chambers they are best in the dry areas like southern Africa so they don't collapse. where Meerkats live Southern Africa Meerkats are losing there habitats because of us we are building land on meerkats habitats which are causing them no where to sleep.
Humans are trading in Meerkats as pets and to be treated like a cat and dog.
People are running over Meerkats with there cars and causing death.
People living in Africa are giving meerkats diseases such as tuberculosis. How are humans impacting on meerkats HOW ARE HUMANS IMPACTING ON MEERKATS Humans are building land on Meerkats burrows because more people need land so they build houses school and more things on Meerkats burrows but this isn't just happening just to Meerkats this is happening to more animals. WHY ARE HUMANS BUILDING LAND ON MEERKATS BURROWS Humans are trading meerkats as pets because meerkats are cute and cuddly but they are not made to be pets and treated like cats and dogs. It is wrong for meerkats to be pets and treated this way because it's wrong WHY ARE HUMANS TRADING IN MEERKATS AS PETS Humans in Africa are giving Meerkats a disease called Tuberculosis. Tuberculosis is something that effects your lungs and can also effect organs in the central nerve system and much more systems in the body. AFRICA PEOPLE ARE GIVING BAD DEASES TO MEERKATS BASIC FACTS ABOUT A MEERKAT HEIGHT : 30 centimeters
WIEGHT: less 1kg
DIET : mostly insects as snake,lizard,scorpions, plants,and small birds.
HABITAT: in the native area of south Africa and south Africa and Botswana.
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