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Business Proposal - Morula IVF Pekanbaru

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Adittya kar

on 1 February 2014

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Transcript of Business Proposal - Morula IVF Pekanbaru

Pertumbuhan jasa bidang kesehatan di daerah (Eka Hospital, Awal Bros, Siloam Group)
Mudahnya mengakses informasi
Medical Tourism Singapore & Malaka
Pertumbuhan pasar Program IVF di Indonesia
Business Proposal
Morula IVF Pekanbaru
Morula IVF Network
Business Strategy
Break Even Analysis
Usulan Penyertaan
Klinik IVF Pertama di Pekanbaru
Brand Image "Morula IVF" (

as part of Morula IVF Network (

Construction, Pre-Operational, Operational (Standard Morula IVF)
SWOT Analysis
Perlengkapan Lab Andrologi Rp 147.745.000
Perlengkapan Lab Embryologi Rp 1.695.239.500
Perlengkapan OK Rp 962.900.000
Perlengkapan Inseminasi Rp 87.450.000
Perlengkapan Poliklinik Rp 803.710.000
Pelatihan Rp 200.000.000
Sistem Informasi Rp 150.000.000
Instalasi dan Renovasi Rp 200.000.000
Operating Expenditure Rp 1.266.320.000

Total Investasi : Rp 5.538.504.500
Profit (2014-2016) : Rp
Initial Investment : Rp
Opex (1thn) : Rp
Projection Profit and Loss
IVF : 48 (30% each year)
FET : 24
IUI : 96
Initial Investment sebesar Rp. (6 Miliar Rupiah)
Penyertaan Morula IVF Indonesia sebesar 40% (2.4 M)
Perlengkapan Lab (andro & embryo)
Perlengkapan Poliklinik
Perlengkapan R. Inseminasi
Sistem Informasi
Pelatihan SDM
Supply Chain
Integrated Marketing Program
Peningkatan Brand Value
Standard and Quality Control
Continous Development
First IVF Clinic in Pekanbaru
Morula IVF Surabaya
Morula IVF Padang
Morula IVF Margonda
Morula IVF Jakarta
Month 1
Month 2
Month 3
Month 4
Pendirian Perusahaan
Pengajuan Pembentukan Perusahaan Baru, dengan nama :
PT. Morula Pekanbaru
PT. Morula IVF Pekanbaru (alt 2)
Pembuatan akta notaris
Penyerahan Surat Setoran Dana
Pembuatan Rekening Perusahaan
Setoran Dana Initial Investment
Penetapan Organisasi Operasional Project Development
Project Manager
Kick Off Project
Ground Breaking
List Equipment and Appraisal existing equipment
Pengadaan Equipment
Desain Ruangan
Renovasi Ruangan
Requitment dan Training Tenaga Profesional
Perawat (2 month)
Embriologist (3 month)
Andrologist (1 month)
Instalasi Hepa Filter dan Setup Alat
Final check ruangan lab dan OK
Mice Embryo Test
Grand Opening
Marketing Program
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