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Research Methods Lecture 5 The Writing Process

No description

Courtney Thomas

on 29 December 2016

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Transcript of Research Methods Lecture 5 The Writing Process

Topic Selection and Question Development
Topic selection
This is something you should begin now
Have an idea of the general area of interest you'd like to explore
Question development is WAY more specific
Read everything. Everything.
Where to find resources?
How to "rank" resources?
How to read resources?
Choose and Implement Research Design and Methodology
Ethics re: APSA
Grievance process
Professors must "seek and state the truth as they see it"
Disclosure where possible but confidentiality where necessary
Must not appropriate the academic work of students
Undergraduate OR graduate
The Writing Process
Read pages 1-4 in the textbook
Descriptive v. "Research" Papers
What is the question?
Undergraduate class
Graduate Class
Graduate Thesis
Doctoral Dissertation
Professional work
A Word About Assignments
Introductions--thank you!
Send the .pdf of the completion certificate
If you've already done the training you do not have to do it again!
Research Methods
PSCI 2024
Winter 2016
Dr. Courtney Thomas
Lecture 5 The Writing Process

Ethics: Other Thoughts
Normally we'd discuss the video and readings in class
HOWEVER, in this format, that becomes potentially less useful
SO if you have any questions or comments, please send them to me and I'll use them as part of a larger discussion
Before You Begin
When you are brainstorming potential questions the FIRST thing you have to do is write down EVERYTHING you "know" about the subject
THEN figure out where you "learned" it and fact check everything on the list
DO NOT skip or short change this step!
Choose variables
Choose quantitative or qualitative methodologies
Create the research instruments
Gather data
Analyze data
Literature Review
Begin Writing
Stories with Holes
Some of the questions from your submissions
How do you define words?
How do OTHER PEOPLE who are writing the resources you will use in your research defining words?
How is language politicized?
How is social science research politicized?
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