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Success In Nursing School

No description

Jada Oakes

on 24 August 2017

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Transcript of Success In Nursing School

Congratulations on starting this journey
Success in Nursing School
10 habits of highly successful students
1. Don't Cram
2. Plan Study Time 6. Use your book
3. Study at the same time 7. Review notes
4. Have a goal for studying 8. Don't be disturbed
5. Don't procrastinate! 9. Use Study Groups
10. Use your weekend wisely
How do you manage your time?
Prioritize your goals
Some low priority goals and commitments may
have to be eliminated to have SUCCESS
Make family and friends aware of your goals
and ways they can help you obtain them
Understand that you can not do it all!!
Know your learning style!
Develop your Weekly
Its a good way to see what your semester will look like
Helps to plan for studying
Build in flexibility
Post on refrigerator, for family to see
Study Time
Learning in nursing school is different than any type you have most likely done before. You must critically think to be able to answer questions for nursing school.
What is Critical Thinking?
Purposeful goal directed thinking
Aims to make judgements based on evidence and fact rather than guesswork or opinions
You must be able to interpret what you have read and learned to apply it to the question
=noting important info. from learning opportunities to review & remember the info. later
After(within 24hr)
*Date/Title lecture!
*Recommended Reading?
*Arrive on time!
*Sit somewhere you can see & hear lecturer, preferably close to them
*Don't try to write everything
*Use abbreviations/paraphrase
*Leave spaces for later
*Number pages!
*Read through & make amendments while material is still fresh
*Summarize main points
*Note key ideas/words & formulate into questions
*Cover notes and see how many you can answer from memory
*REFORMAT notes: highly, clarify, expand, make connections, refine
TIP #1:
Use a binder rather than a notebook, even the 5 subject notebooks!
TIP #2:
TIP #3:
Order and organize all notes, graphics, handouts, assignments, and so on.
Make your notes useful and memorable!
Take good Notes
Take breaks
Don't cram
Get your rest
Use flashcards, study groups, or concept maps
Prepare ahead of time
Do your required reading prior to class
PARROT System for Textbook Reading
Ask & Activate
Prepare for Lecture
Get the most from your studying
Getting the Most from Studying
Stay away from distractions
Know your high energy and low energy times of day
Attempt to maintain balance in your life- All work and no play leads to burnout
Eat well and get exercise
Sleep at least 6 hours a night
Don't sweat the small stuff
Ask for help!
What is test Anxiety?
Freezing up
easily distracted
physical effects (SOB or sweating)
lack of interest of topic or test
Take on Test Anxiety
Stop Test Anxiety in its tracks
Let's elaborate
Critical Thinking
what information is in the stem
the key words in the stem
who the client is in the stem
what the topic is about
What is the question asking
what are the key words in the stem that idicate a need for a response
what is the question asking me to do?
Analyze the options in relation to the question asked in the stem
scrutinize each option in relation to the information in the stem
identify the rationale for each option
compare and contrast the options
As many options as possible
one at a time
So its test time....
Use your Nursing Process
Use first answer, NO Erasing or Changing
Remember ABC's
Read question entirely
Use RACE model
If you have to - Make the best educated guess
Eliminate obviously wrong answers
The correct answer is frequently longer and more detailed than the wrong answer
Absolute words are a no go- ex. all, never, everyone, no one, nobody,none only, and always
Answer stems that include general qualifiers such as sometimes, usually, probably, most, often some, and generally are more likely to be included in correct or true answers
The incorrect options are often similar and the correct answer is the one option that is different
Silly or foolish answers usually aren't meant to trick you - They are just WRONG
Only if you have to......
You may have test anxiety if you.....
Information obtained from:
*Community College of Rhode Island nursing program
* Fundamentals Success (2004) FA Davis

1. Be Postitive
3. Excercise Regularly
4. Manage your daily habits-
5. Be prepared
Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is the probable reason why so few engage in it -Henry Ford
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