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Ronald McDonald House Hamilton

No description

Adam VanEgdom

on 5 June 2015

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Transcript of Ronald McDonald House Hamilton


RMHH opened in 1993 and has recently expanded.
The first Ronald McDonald House opened on October 15, 1974 in Philadelphia.
In 1985, the first European Ronald McDonald House opens in Amsterdam, Netherlands and the RMHC/HACER scholarship program was established.
The 100th Ronald McDonald House opens in 1986 and RMHC creates a Award of Excellence.
First Ronald McDonald Care Mobile launches in 2000.
November 2002, McDonald’s hosts first World Children’s Day to raise funds for RMHC
2011, the girl who inspired the creation of the first Ronald McDonald House (Kim Hill) passes away at the age of 44.
Ronald McDonald House Charities is an independent, non-profit organization.

RMHC helps children and their families by providing affordable and effective housing and meal options. It specializes in aiding the families of children admitted to the neighboring hospital(s).

The organization has its headquarters in United States but is making global efforts.

Ronald McDonald House Charities is currently running 322 houses in 57 different countries.
Mission Statement
The mission of Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) is to provide a warm, compassionate and safe "home away from home" for families of seriously ill children who are receiving treatment at our local children’s hospital.
Ronald McDonald House Hamilton Branch Registered Charity Number:
#13277 9836 RR0001
Lending a Hand
Going the Distance
Ronald McDonald House provides cheap and affordable housing to families with a child that has been admitted into the hospital. It helps remove an added element of stress that paying the high hotel bill can pose.

They also give the tenants the ability to access home cooked meals and somewhat enjoyable entertainment to help lighten the mood. It provides the basic needs of living for discounted prices.

The program's main goal is to help take away the financial burden a long-term or long-distance hospital stay can inflict. This allows the family to focus on comfort and recovery
Core Values
Focusing on the critical needs of children
Celebrating the diversity of the people and programs
Valuing their heritage
Operating with accountability and transparency
The House does not receive any government funding. Instead it is support by other streams of finance. It is broken down as follows:

20%: Ronald McDonald House Charities Canada, donations from McDonald’s Happy Meal Program, coin boxes and the nominal fee families pay to stay at the House
80%: fundraising activities and contribution from donors
Family Facts

• 200 families were financially supported at the Visitor’s Inn for a total of 2,813 nights

• Average length of stay was 15 days

• Longest stay by one family was 238 days

• Family Room hosted 45,538 family visits in 2011/12
Like all charities revenue is required to operate the building. Primarily, the Ronald McDonald House Hamilton generates profit through fund raising and donation. They also have smaller sources of income like room rental.
Unfortunately not all of the proceeds can go directly towards the people. The RMHH does have some expenses. The main costs are wages and benefits, house maintenance and supply costs.
Staying At the House
Although the estimated cost of staying at the house for one night is around $159, RMHH can provide the same services for only $12 a night.
It is to be noted that no one is ever turned down due to an inability to pay.
The Facilities
37 private guestrooms complete with bathroom, storage, tv, mini-fridge
3 'hoteling' rooms with a shared bathroom for short-stay families
Large dining room
Games room
Fitness Room
Outdoor play area
Outdoor patio
Family kitchen with personal pantry storage
Laundry facilities
Computer lounge
A Touch of Compassion: Personal Stories
First Ronald McDonald House. (1974)
First European Ronald McDonald House. (1985)
First Ronald McDonald Care Mobile commenced. (2000)
Named one of “America’s 100 Best Charities of 2002” by Worth magazine. (2002)
300th Ronald McDonald House opened in St. Louis. (2010)
The RMHC donation box program celebrates 20th anniversary and the $200 million it had collected to date. (2011)
It serves a community of over 2.3 million people from South Central Ontario and beyond.
The House ensures that no parent or family feels abandoned. It serves a wide range because it is a wide need
Where Does It Go?
The Hamilton House plans on using the grant money to maintain the funding needed to provide its services.

For the house to continue to provide incredibly cheap housing, the money needs to come for somewhere.

For many charities, breaking even is difficult. Our grant will help provide essential funding to allow them to continue to do, what they do.

Chantell Tunney, Chief Executive Officer
Tel: (905) 521-9983, Ext. 2100
E-mail: ctunney@rmhhamilton.ca

Wendy Kizlyk, Operations Manager & Executive Assistant
Tel: (905) 521-9983, Ext. 2104
E-mail: wkizlyk@rmhhamilton.ca

Malini Dave, Manager, Finance & Benefits Administration
Tel: (905) 521-9983, Ext. 2102
E-mail: mdave@rmhhamilton.ca
Donor Relations

Kathy Kamecka, Manager, Donor Relations
Tel: (905) 521-9983, Ext. 2105
Email: kkamecka@rmhhamilton.ca

​Jill Page, Manager, Communications, Branding & Community Engagement
Tel: (905) 521-9983, Ext. 2118
E-mail: jwalker@rmhhamilton.ca

Carly Eckhardt, Fund Development Coordinator
Tel: (905) 521-9983, Ext. 2108
E-mail: ceckhardt@rmhhamilton.ca

Kerri Withers, Information & Database Specialist
Tel: (905) 521-9983, Ext. 2109
E-mail: kwithers@rmhhamilton.ca
Family & Volunteer Services

Patti Majcher, Director of Family and Volunteer Services
Tel: (905) 521-9983, Ext. 2106
E-mail: pmajcher@rmhhamilton.ca

Shelley Harrison, Manager of Volunteer & Family Room Services
Tel: (905) 521-9983, Ext. 2110
E-mail: sharrison@rmhhamilton.ca

Linda Pordham, Family Services Coordinator
Tel: (905) 521-9983, Ext. 2107
E-mail: lpordham@rmhhamilton.ca

Shawn Rocchi, Culinary Program Manager
Tel: (905) 521-9983, Ext. 2116
E-mail: srocchi@rmhhamilton.ca

Angel Fascinato, Housekeeping Team Lead
Tel: (905) 521-9983, Ext. 2115
E-mail: afascinato@rmhhamilton.ca

Matthew Kettings, Evening Family Services Assistant
Tel: (905) 521-9983, Ext. 2107
Email: mkettings@rmhhamilton.ca
This grant would allow RMHH to continue to provide the support, suffering families need. It would help better their facilities, take on more guests and overall increase their ability to better the lives of citizens in the community. We feel that Hamilton is deserving of this grant as they have worked to put a smile on the faces of those who seem as though they forgot how to.
A Presentation By:

Owen and
Our Visit and the Hamilton House
We had the opportunity to visit the Hamilton Branch.
We were given a one-on-one tour of the facilities. We also learned some awesome things about RMHH.
Fun Facts:

Every house has something that represents its physical geography. Hamilton is represented by an entryway waterfall.
Hamilton is the only branch with a world-famous chef.
Receive great support from Coca-Cola.
Contains a few hidden "secrets" for its guests
The House has only 11 staff members. This requires a large sum of work to be delegated unto volunteers.
The House has approximately 350 volunteers who help serve meals, maintain the house, and run events.
The House also runs a
Meals that Heal
program where groups pay $300, receive a cooking lesson from the chef and then serve the families.
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