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World History

No description

Alfred Abenojar

on 29 May 2013

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Transcript of World History

World War 1 World
History Neolithic
Revolution Domestication
of animals Agricultural development Causes Civilizations Cities and towns Militarism Nationalism City states
(aka polis) Imperialism Alliances Early River Civilizations Mesopotamia Huang He Egypt India Fertile Cresant Tigris River Euphrates River Allied
Powers Central
Powers Austria-Hungary Germany Ottoman Empire Britain Russia Serbia France United States Effects Nile River Indus River Bubonic Plague Mongols Middle Ages (Dark Ages) Tanks Airplanes Poisonous gases Trench Warfare Stronger nations Centralized Governments European Nations explored other regions Other nations joined the war as support Organized
Religion Social Classes Genghis Khan Specialization of Labor The Great Depression World War 2 Written Language Adolf Hitler Art Treaty of Versailles (Jithin) Heiroglyphics Post World War 1 Cuneiform War Debt Pyramids Violation of Treaty of Versailles Hitler controls German Military USA Stock Market Crashed USA does not join World War 2 Bombing at Pearl Harbor Dec. 7, 1941 Assasination of Archduke Ferdinand Russia made Treaty of Brestlitivesk with German to leave war Russian Revolution Causes of the Russian Revolution Hammurabi's Code Poor conditions from over-working Overcrowding Greece Lack of Food World War 1 Expenses Lack of Fuel Fighting over Communism Nomads conquer sedentary people Civilization blends culture White Army Civilization strives Red Army Civilization grows old Athens Autocracy Czar Sparta Nicholas 2nd Taken down by Vladimir Lenin Democracy Military based Oligarchy Anti-communism Communism Communist Silk Road Leader of Bolsheviks Bolsheviks=communist Christianity Judaism Vladimir Lenin Buddhism Won Renamed Union of Soviet Socialist Republics Hinduism USSR Resulted in Communism Encouraged China to become Communist Gunpowder Civilizations Safavids Domino Theory Muhgals Ottomans Invasion of Poland Attempt to invade Russia Militarized Rhineland Ten Commandments Annexed Austria Attempted to take Sudetenland Sea trade Nazis European Exploration 3 G's
(God,Gold, Glory) Aztecs Mayans Incas National Socialism Party Invasion of Poland Renaissance Alliances Axis Powers Allies Scientific
Revolution Enlightenment Church vs. Secularism Germany Selling of indulgences Italy Japan Martin Luther Catholic Church England USA USSR Protestant Reformation France 95 Theses Printing press Johannes
Gutenburg Invaded by Nazis on June 22, 1941 Nazis invaded on Oct. 6, 1940 Enters war on Dec. 7,1941 Japan bombed Pearl Harbor Defeated by new war tactics No Trench Warfare Nazis Defeated by harsh winters in Russia Calvinism USA begins Island Hopping John Calvin Predestination Drives Japanese army back Atomic Bombing on Japan Little Boy Fat Man 13 colonies Dropped on Nagasaki, Japan Undiscovered land Dropped on Hiroshima, Japan American Revolution Kamikaze Pilots French Revolution Uprising
of 3rd Estate Suicide attacker pilots Benito Musolini Tennis Court Oath Dictator that befriended Hitler and once again allied Germany National Assembly French Revolution The Holocaust England joined war Killing of Jews Scientific Method Copernicus Newton Boyle Galileo Heliocentric model Laws of motion Chemistry Starry Messenger Telescope Francis Bacon Astronomer 3rd Estate
paying taxes Capture
of the Bastille and Versailles Concentration camps Financial crisis
due to bad harvest Gas Chambers Inequality
between 3 estates Starvation Causes 3rd estate
wanted equality Higher Taxes Crematories Victory Propaganda Execution at the gullotine European Imperialism Columbian Exchange Polytheistic Calendars The Cold War 365(solar) 260(sacred) Over the Spread of Communism Terrace farming Road system Pyramids A disagreement between USA and USSR USSR missiles placed on Cuba America Amerigo Europe Africa Slaves,livestock Raw
Materials Finished Goods Space Race Reign of Terror Declaration of the rights of
Man and of the CItizens Rise of Napoleon Coup de etat Emperor of France USA Napoleonic Wars USSR Controlled most of Europe First Animal in Space Attempt to invade Russia,
but failed A dog Final Battle at Waterloo Napoleon is exiled First human in space Yuri Gagarin Latin American
colonies revolt First satellite launched into space Spudnik Declare independence
from Spain Simon Bolivar First man on the moon Miguel Hidalgo Great Britain Neil Armstrong Henry VIII Buzz Aldrin Apollo 11 Conquistadors Pizarro Apollo 13 Cortes Disease and conquest Church of England Angels Balls of Gases, stars John Loke Unalienable rights Montesquieu Natural rights
of man Separation of powers Adam Smith Laissez-faire Wealth of Nations Thomas Jefferson Declaration
of Independence William Blackstone treatises on
English government Jean Rousseau Voltaire Thomas Aquinas Social Contract Religious Toleration Deism Philosopher God created the world
and set it in motion Gov. needs will/consent
of the people Religion
and reason Industrial
Revolution Agricultural
revolution increase in population Steam engine Mechanized production
and transportation Steam locomotive Railroads China AKA Yellow River James Watt Factory System Horrible conditions Need of new markets
and raw materials Imperialism Textiles Urbanization 1st mechanized
products Migration to
urban centers Mohandas
Gandhi Civil Disobedience led nonviolent movements opposed monopoly
on salt
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