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Barn Owl Box HH

Persuasive prezi, persuading Wilson Creek Winery to use our idea rather than the other boxes. Persuading the Chap. High School students to help us. By: Hoot Homes

Maddy Walsh

on 3 June 2014

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Transcript of Barn Owl Box HH

Thank you for your time and consideration!
What action will we take?
- Hoot Homes will take the donated supplies and the valuable information about Barn Owls to create a safe and healthy living environment for Barn Owls.

- We are hoping to make the best owl box yet, so they will live at Wilson Creek Winery for generations to come!
Barn Owl

What have we discovered?
- We have learned an abundance of new information on Barn Owls:
a.What they eat
b. What they need for survival
- This information will help us to construct our owl box in the perfect way, so they will be comfortable.
Who are we?
- Hello, we are Hoot Homes.
1. Madison Walsh 2. Chloe Beers
3. Ian Johnson
4. Nathan Signorelli
5. Taelin Shires

- Our product, a Barn Owl box, is called Hoot Highlights.

- We are attempting to build an owl box to help out Wilson Creek Winery.
What is the problem?
- The pests at Wilson Creek Winery are the problem because the winery has cut down the trees to make room for the grape vines. This causes an unbalanced ecosystem because there is a lot of rodents, and no predators to keep it balanced.

- If Wilson Creek Winery uses pesticides instead of owls, it could mess up the ecosystem.

- The enologist of Wilson Creek Winery, Mr. Pennyroyal, has a goal: to reduce the pest population, but in a ecosystem-friendly way!
What will happen?
- When we have finished building our owl box,
Wilson Creek Winery will hopefully have no
more problems with rodents.

- Our owl box will help Wilson Creek Winery with their unwanted pests and prevent them from having to use pesticides or any other solution. These other options could ruin their wine and/or make the ecosystem unbalanced!
So the
question is...
Will you help us?
What are some other solutions?
- There are other solutions instead of an owl box, such as:
a. Pesticides
b. Traps
c. Animals that eat rats and mice
- But we decided to use Barn Owls, because they keep the ecosystem balanced!
What is
owl box like?
- Here is
owl box design:
By: Hoot Homes
Happy Owl!
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