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The Challenge

No description

andrew richards

on 25 August 2014

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Transcript of The Challenge

By:Florentino Guerrero & Andrew Richards
I, Andrew Richards am attending Full Sail for Music Production. One of the biggest hurdles I think a producer can face is writers block. Artists talk about writers block like it is a monster under their bed, and I have been there. I have developed many fun ways to overcome writers block. The best way to write a song is to choose a subject matter and picture what imagery you want the song to portray. Is it a love song? Is it meant to enterain or shock people? When I find myself having a block to my flow I sometimes write out a long list of the subject matter. The funner alternative to this is drawing a picture about the subject matter almost as if I was directing a movie. This gives the songs a person place and thing to write about. In our jam space for my band, Radeo, we have marker boards that any of the band members can write lyrics they think of randomly, or draw pictures or lists of subject matter. This makes it a fun way to overcome writers block.
Problems that may present themselves in future industries.
The Challenge

Having fun: Having fun is the best way to free yourself of the menotony of every day, or unfavorable tasks. There are many things you can do to have fun with mundane tasks.
Incentives: Incentives are very important to the gamification stragety. For example one could make a game out of their work and reward themselves for completing the work.
Flow: Flow is an integral part of gamification. One must have their thoughts and feelings aligned with the task that they are doing. Many people lose track of time and have little focus on the end result, and more focus on whats happening in the moment.
3 gamification strategies
I, Andrew Richards, would like to show you how these elements can be applied to researching for class. When I am researching for class I have learned from this course to gamify my experience. I like to use snacks. While writing this paper I had a sack of tasty treats to reward each completed task in the research. I have fruit snacks, twinkies, and cupcakes leftover from my friends birthday party last night. This gives me a nice little incentive to complete the tasks at hand. When doing my research I also gamify the work by pretending I am a video game character. This sounds a little silly but I think that is the point. I pretend I am Mario and every time I level up and learn something from the research it is like I am getting a star or a mushroom. By using these symbols it makes it easier to remember what I am doing because there is a new symbolism for each thing I learn. I feel like these little goals and "level ups" are a great way to immerse myself in the material and make it more fun. I believe that this strategy improves my flow. While I am wrtiing this paper I am completely immersed in the activity, even more so since I have developed this gamification strategy.
Lets apply these elements to a real life situation.
Florentino Guerrero

1. Badges as a Reward, Killers, Socialites

Socialites are the type of gamers that tend to always be active, especially when it comes to communication with others. These are the type of people that are constantly posting on game forums, messaging friends, making newer friends, forming parties, and or constantly keeping in contact with guilds or large groups of other players. To my understanding these are the best type of people within games when it comes to asking for advice and or when you just want to talk to someone about in-game or real life things. Although Socialites are very active gamers, some refuse to be as chatty as them even though they are just as active. In concluding, socialites seem like the best kind of people to be in a group with others so they can keep each other informed as to whats new or what needs to be done.

Killers are the "evil" players that many people see within any sort of MMO. In other terms, killers can be known as PK'ers or Player Killers. These type of people are usually the most hated when it comes to socializing with others, and or in general when seeing them. Killers are more likely to be the type of players who are hired by other players to do a certain job, almost like a bandit or mercenary. Going this route as a player truly is not the best way to go unless you are extremely knowledgeable as to what you are doing.

Badges as a Reward are rewards given when completing a certain task or reach a certain goal. Usually people do not fret over such minuscule things but when it comes to something they love to do or play they will surely brag or show off certain badges. Even though it is good to give badges for certain hard tasks to complete or certain challenges you may place for others, it is bad when it is overdone. One way it can be overdone is by making a badge that is simply for First entering the game. Even though they are meant for people as an incentive, it should be focused more around challenges or tasks that you feel more satisfied for completing.

2. Doing research for class

When applying the 3 ramification strategies mentioned above to doing research for class you get very strange and great results. Doing research for class is boring and not fun at all at most times, I'm sure everyone can relate to that. If you were to apply the ramification strategy of being a Socialite things would be much better. Yes being a socialite is fun yes doing research for class is boring, but when put together it can be pretty fun. As a socialite you will always be communicating with fellow classmates when it comes to the task at hand. Lets say you are doing research on Roman Language, the Socialite will most likely be the first person to burst out and try to speak Roman in front of others. Although being a Socialite might seem a bit intimidating if you're shy, talking with others about the research at hand can help you better understand what is going on and you can also help others with what they are confused on. All in all being a socialite in this activity wouldn't be such a bad thing. Now for the gamification of Killers. When doing research for class being a Killer seems like it'd be strange and unappealing to some, but realistically it might just be easier than a Socialite. As a killer you are well versed in what you do, you have to, you're a killer after all. Now this honestly isn't what I would call much of a strategy for gamification. As a killer your job is to basically bring distraught amongst others. When doing research for class a Killer will most likely be the one to relieve the feeling of boredom and leave a feeling of unease in the atmosphere. Since they find satisfaction in causing distress on others, they would most likely be the bullies and or the ones who put others down and don't let them finish. If you prefer to be a killer than good for you but just go easy on others since its for research. As a teammate killers might be a big asset when getting the better of your competition, it may be cheap but thats what they do. Badges as a reward isn't that bad when doing research. You could make some badges for when compiling all the info you have researched. Usually though badges are given for a lot of things now, but when it comes to research they should be given out usually when getting closer to the end of their research, such as a badge for being 1/4th of the way done, 1/2 of the way done, 3/4th of the way done, and when you finish. Other badges can be given when finding out certain pieces of info that is commonly overlooked by others. Sometimes it can go out of hand though and may need a little bit of thought, but when it comes to research everyone likes to know they are on the right track so badges will definitely be a good idea.

3. You are at a standstill in your company and have no new ideas, you need a new idea or else you will be fired, what do you do?

Many things can go wrong when in a company, and as a worker it is your job to do what you must to keep everything running smoothly. When it comes to Game Designing sometimes ideas may be scarce and you don't want to just do a reboot of an old game or just ripoff other games from the past. One way you can help resolve this issue is by applying the Socialite strategy of gamification. As a Socialite you will be communicating with others in your field to help come up with an idea. In fact you will be communicating with almost everyone, even just simple janitors and such other people just for ideas. Who knows, maybe the person you would least expect to have a great idea might just have an amazing idea that might just work. The perks of being a Socialite in this situation are very simple, you will be liked by most, you gather up ideas and make one or improve on already good ideas, you know what the latest trend is, etc. Socialites play a key role in resolving an issue such as this one. Unlike the Socialite, a Killer will most likely be a bad person to have in this issue. Since all a Killer basically does is cause distraught, all they will basically do is cause distraught for rival companies and other sort of competition, which is bad might I add. Most likely they will steal an idea after slowing causing distraught from a worker of another company and use it for your own company. Even though it is frowned upon, if it works it works. Rewarding people with badges may be a smart idea in this issue. A lot of people will feel reluctant to do any sort of work or thinking when this issue occurs, so setting little challenges might be useful. Lets say you challenge your coworkers to come up with ideas, the best idea or most innovative idea gets a creativity badge as a reward. This will help and boost confidence amongst many employees and it will motivate them to keep up with newer ideas and or improving
Thanks For
We hope you had fun!
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