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Almost Home

No description

Jennifer Hirsch

on 2 June 2014

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Transcript of Almost Home

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The characters in the book are:
In the beginning of the book Sugar was at school and was talking with her teacher
Mr. Bennett. Mr. Bennett told Sugar to "Express your feelings in a poem, because poems describe you." Sugar took his advice, went home and started to write poems. Over the next few days Sugar and her mom were worrying about their house. They couldn't afford the house anymore because Sugar's father left them when she was younger. So to describe what was happening in her life Sugar started writing poems to decribe her feelings.
One day Sugar's neighbor asked her to take a dog, named Shush, because her neighbor's dad was going it to send it to the pound. Sugar fell in love with the dog and took care of it. Shush becaome her best friend.
On another day Sugar came home from school and Sugar's mom started crying. Sugar asked why she was crying and Sugar's mom said " I'm sorry. I did what I could, but we are losing our house." Sugar became very sad and remembered things about the house that she loved. Later the police came and took everything out of their house . Sugar and her mom had no place to live. Sugar and her mom had to live in their car, until Sugar's mom got a job in Chicago, as a house cleaner.

I would give this book 5 stars.
I really love this book because it has lots of details that describe the characters, and whats happening. That's why i give this book 5 stars. Hopefully you do too!
In the middle of the book, Sugar and her mom, Reba, went to Chicago. Once they got to Chicago, Sugar and Reba found out that her mom didn't get the job she needed and now they don't have a place to live. The next day Reba went crazy because she didn't get the job. Sugar became worried about her and asked someone to help her mom. Reba had to go to a hospital to get looked at.
Sugar needed a place to stay while her mom was in the hospital. Sugar talked to a woman who worked for a foster home, but Sugar didn't take the woman's offer to stay with her. The next day Sugar had to go to a different foster home, but it was creepy, scary and the other kids tried to hurt Shush. Sugar called the first foster home lady she met at the hospital, and took her offer this time. Sugar now lived with a married couple named Lexie and Mac.
Sugar loved living with Lexie and Mac. They both made Sugar and Shush feel at home. They also took Sugar and Shush to the hospital to see Reba. One day Lexie told Sugar that she would remodel Sugar's room, and it reminded Sugar of the time her mom remodeled the door on their old house. Sugar was so happy that Lexie was going to remodel her room that she helped to paint her room.
The next day Sugar was walking Shush, and Sugar saw a sign that said "This Way To The Wooz". Sugar followed the sign and met a girl. Sugar introduced herself and the "Wooz" said her name was Joonie. Sugar now had a friend that totally got her because Joonie's father also left her family just like Sugar's father.
Once Reba got out of the hospital, she got a job at a cafe working with Joonie's mom. Reba had live in a different foster home that was far away from Sugar. One day Reba went to Sugar's foster home to tell Sugar that Mr. Leeland, Sugar's father, was coming to help them. Sugar wasn't happy because she knew that Mr. Leeland didn't like her. When Mr. Leeland came he gave Reba and Sugar hugs and flowers, but Sugar still didn't like him. One day when Sugar and Reba was at Joonie's house, Mr. Leeland came in while drunk. Reba kicked Mr. Leeland out of the house and theirs lives, and good things started to happen. Reba got her confidence back and was happy and so was Sugar. Reba moved in with Sugar, Lexie and Mac and they felt like they were home.
Almost Home
By: Joan Bauer

Project by: Jennifer Hirsch
Bauer, Joan. 2012.
Almost Home
. New York, NY:
Scholastic Inc.
Teacher: Mrs. Occhuizzo
June 2, 2014
Type of book:
Realistic Fiction
Sugar Mae Cole, Reba Cole, Shush,
Lexi,Mac, Joonie, and Mr. Leeland.

The setting is at Sugar's old house and
a foster home in Chicago.
The theme was family,love, and growing up, because Sugar had family problems. Also love because Sugar loved her dog and loved her mom. Another theme is growing up, because Sugar had to do somethings on her own, like call the foster home and had to take care of her and her dog on her own while Reba was in the hospital.
Lesson Learned
The lesson that I learned was always believe in your self and your goals,. Sugar always believed that everything would get better and it did.
Chicago ->

Sugar Mae
Sugar's old house
The Foster Home
Reba's hospital room
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