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Justin Treece

on 28 February 2014

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Transcript of ja

Sulfuric Acid in Industry
Sulfuric Acid is
Sulfuric acid, the contact process, and their effect on the global scale.
The usage of Sulfuric acid in order to end global warming
The usage of Sulfuric acid in industry
Sulfur as a catalyst
used in the process of making various chemicals in industry
the first and foremost of which is phosphoric acid, which in turn aids in the making of phosphate fertilizers. Through the contact process we gain sulfuric acid and through continued similar processes we can create a wide array of household chemicals which we honestly rely on as consumers.
On the down side sulfuric acid left in high concentration in these industrial products can be extremely fatal, however unlikely. The men involved with the contact process of sulfur in factories are at the largest risk with exposure to the highest concentrations of sulfur dioxides, sulfuric acid fumes, arsenic exposure, selenium, and worst of all sulfuric dust explosions.
Any of these risks can occur with one small oops and seriously endanger wildlife with increased usage of the contact process.
Sulfur and the environment
Sulfuric acid is toxic to almost all life forms.
It is a key component in acid rain and is common in factory run-off damaging many ecosystems.
However sulfuric acid cannot only be seen as a biological hazard but also as a cure to global warming.
Sulfuric acid combats global warming
The possibilities of sulfuric acid as a counter-agent to global warming are very viable. The largest part of a volcanic eruption that causes global climate change is not only the volcanic ash that blocks out the sun but mainly the long-lasting effects of sulfuric acid bonding with the ozone layer.
Sulfuric acid as a catalyst
Sulfuric acid is commonly used as a catalyst for reactions to make our every day equipment such as phosphoric fertilizers, detergents, and batteries. I propose that instead of using sulfuric acid in these ways that we instead use less biologically hazardous acids as catalysts.
After all is said and done
Sulfuric acid is a dangerous chemical that can destroy ecosystems and should be replaced with even minutely lesser acids.
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