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Career Shadowing

It's all about my day with my dad at Progressive Car Insurance!


on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Career Shadowing

My day at progressive car insurance I career shadowed my dad at Progressive Car Insurance. He is a Claims Manager II. Progressive Car Insurance
1479 Town Center Drive
Suite 201 Lakeland Florida 33813 my day at progressive car insurance This business is an Automobile Insurance Provider. This business gives repair jobs and compensates injuries. my day at progressive car insurance Their main customers are people involved in accidents. The purpose of the company is to reduce tauma and return the fixed vehicle. my day at progressive car insurance The average salary is 80-90,000$ and the average education is a 4 year degree. This company hopes to be the leading insurer in the nation in 15 years. my day at progressive car insurance The technology they use is phones, laptops, wi-fi air cards, and mobile printers. The skills they need are time management, multi-tasking, organization, communication, service recovery, and math. my day at progressive car insurance I would possibly take a careeer here because it looks like it could be a major money oppurtunity. I like that you are able to get in with just a 4 year degree. I dislike that you have to do serious math. my day at progressive car insurance This company is going green by using recycled material tote bags, a corn based cup, and giving $10,000,000 to the team that can create a car with 100 mpg and is a reasonable price powered by oil. me by flo the conference room me and my dad me and my dad the office w/ trophy the office me by sign me pointing at sign this was completed by joshua james
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