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ICT - Phishing, Pharming & Scams

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Jaime Halai

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of ICT - Phishing, Pharming & Scams

0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c How to prevent Phishing, Pharming & Scams - Only access trusted, legitimate websites
- Avoid clicking on various advertisements on websites
- Don't access links from advertisements sent by anonymous email id's What is Phishing ? How does Phishing Occur ? -Planning
Phishers decide which business to target and determine how to get e-mail addresses for the customers of that business. They often use the same mass-mailing and address collection techniques as spammers.
Once they know which business to spoof and who their victims are, phishers create methods for delivering the message and collecting the data. Most often, this involves e-mail addresses and a Web page.
- Attack
This is the step people are most familiar with - the phisher sends a phony message that appears to be from a reputable source.
- Collection
Phishers record the information victims enter into Web pages or popup windows.
- Identity Theft and Fraud
The phishers use the information they've gathered to make illegal purchases or otherwise commit fraud. As many as a fourth of the victims never fully recover What are Scams ? -Many of us have received emails claiming that we have won a certain amount of money or a gift and to receive the gift you must enter your personal data. Such emails can be scam emails.

- Its not just emails but ads on websites too. Internet scams are an easy way for you to lose money and a hacker to gain, along with the loss of money another effect of scams include emotional and psychological burdens placed on the scam victims What is Pharming ? - Pharming is the process in obtaining personal or private information through domain spoofing.

- Rather than being spammed with malicious and mischievous e-mail requests for you to visit spoof Web sites which appear legitimate, pharming infuse false information into the DNS (Domain Name System) server by resulting in a user's request being redirected elsewhere T h a n k Y o u The graph above show the increase in computer threats from 2002 - 2008 Phishing, Pharming & Scams
By Jaime, Jayan and Kevin - Phishing is the process of acquiring sensitive information of an individual. Such information may include banking details, social security numbers, user names and passwords etc.

- Did you know that Phishing grew by 42% in January of 2005. 8,829 E-mails with phishing were sent in December of 2004 but that grew to 12,845 by end of January 2005.
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