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Copy of Plot Diagram : The boy who cried wolf

Ms.Perkins 4th peroid

Kimberly Cove

on 31 January 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Plot Diagram : The boy who cried wolf

Exposition : Exposition is when in a story characters are introduced and the setting takes place.

Example : There once was a young Shepherd boy in a field observing his village's sheep. He was lonely.
Rising Action : Rising Action is when in a story a conflict starts taking place . (usually when interest takes place)

Example : He came up with a plan to get people to the field so he was not lonely anymore. he decided to yell "Wolf Wolf , the Wolf is attacking the sheep. The people were upset that he lied.
Climax : the point where the main character come down to the conflict (face to face) The turning point of the story

Example : After a week or so a real wolf came and he Yelled for help.
Falling Action : Falling Action is when the conflict starts to ease off.

Example : No one came to help, because they didn't believe him.
Resolution : Resolution is when a story come to a reasonable end.

Example : The towns people turned their backs on him.
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