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SEB: Our experience with Rally

This is a brief overview of all project related activities we’ve done by utilizing the Rally tool.

Atanas Aladjov

on 17 April 2013

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Transcript of SEB: Our experience with Rally

Our experience with Rally SEB Project ... unstable overall status
... unawareness of progress
... shyness Little communication ... spec in the form of prose
... a lot of open issues
... inconsistent design Loose specifications ... who is in control?
... who communicates? Unclear responsibilities No clear list of development tasks This is a brief overview of all project related activities we’ve done by utilizing the Rally tool. Summary 1. Functional Breakdown in User Stories ... who is doing what?
... what do we deliver?
... what remains?
... what do I do next? ... project setup complications
... fragile control Remote PM The goal is to share our experience, know-how and vision about delivering high-quality software solutions for our clients by using Rally as an ALM tool. ... "Firefighting" delivery
... At the end of day X ... Chaotic delivery ... inexperienced team with a lot of fine people 'Young' team How did Rally ? ... Agile practices
... Structure of artifacts Put a process in place ... High Transparency
... Visibility of progress
... Regular meetings Improved communication ... Split of functional blocks
... 360 degree overview Structured our specifications ... Use of Epic, US, TC, TA
... Superior backlog view Clear list of Dev Tasks ... 2 dev teams
... A fun(c) team
... A PM Settle Responsibilities ... Continuous planning
... Short iterations
... Delivery every time ! Time-boxed deliveries ... Rich set of filters
... Myriad of reports
... Print / Export Filtering ... ... Immediate status
... Custom views Progress status ... & Reporting Project Challenges What we
used most? 2. Planning - Releases & Iterations 3. Release Planning and Overview 5. Iteration Tracking 6. Customized Views 7. Quality > Test Cases 8. Quality > Test Plan 9. Quality > Defects and Statistics 10. Epic Progress Report 11. System Requirements Validation Doc 4. Epic User Story Anatomy
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