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Key Concept Map

No description

Allison Eble

on 29 April 2016

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Transcript of Key Concept Map

Connection to Thesis
Applying Organization Outside of English 101
The concept of organization is going to be helpful for everything I ever write in my life whether it be a scholarly article, a lab report, an email, or even a text message.
If your thoughts are not cohesive or organized than no one will understand what you are trying to tell them.
I have to write a lot of lab reports as an animal science major and in those they have a clear organization with the IMRAD format. It is there so that people can understand what experiment I did, why I did it, how I did it and so on.
Rhetorical Features
Connection to Persuasive Appeals
Persuasive Appeals
In order to be able to persuade someone to do something or correctly instruct someone to do something you need to know the best way to do that whether its by using logic, demonstrating your creditability, or invoking their emotions.
Key concept map
By: Allison Eble
Applying Rhetoric Outside of English 101
Applying Logos, Ethos, and Pathos Outside of English 101
Using available means of communication to achieve a particular purpose with a specific audience

Why Prezi?
I chose to use a Prezi because all my key concepts connect together, and stem out of rhetoric.
When exploring how I use each concept and how it relates to others I thought of it as going more in depth into the concept.
Prezi mimics the going in and out of different concepts and creates smooth transitions from one area to the next.
I use rhetoric everyday when communicating to others, whether I am talking to someone, texting, or writing an email.
I also use rhetoric when trying to persuade, entertain, instruct, critique/criticize or promote a thought or idea to someone else.
This concept connects to Persuasive Appeals (Logos, Ethos, and Pathos)
Connection to Rhetoric
As the “Books vs. Briefcase” article said we analyze everything without even realizing it and almost everything has a logos, pathos, and ethos.
Being able to understand each of these in a text I am reading, a newspaper, or an ad, I will be able to better understand and make my judgement on the piece.

Rhetorical features and Logos, Ethos, and Pathos connect because for example a commercial can choose certain music as an aural feature that is included to make the audience feel a certain way.
Applying Rhetorical Features Outside of English 101
These features can be used to simply understand a popular article or my complicated textbook for chemistry.
Using these features will help me becoming a more active reader and writer in the future.

This concept connects to the Ward and Vander Lei’s 9 Question system for rhetorically analyzing a text. Those questions are like overarching questions and the rhetorical features fight nicely under the questions to go more in depth and understand what you are writing and reading better.
Thesis statements set up the whole paper and what you as the writer will be writing about and find important.

Even when I leave English 101 I will have to write papers and lab reports for other classes. Being able to use what I learned in this class and applying it to other courses will improve my grade and my readers understanding of my paper.
Applying constructing a Thesis Outside of English 101
Works Cited
Organization is a major key to having a well written paper, whether it be the organization of the text as a whole, a paragraph, or the thesis. Each of these components need to be organized in a way that will make the text flow and connect ideas together. Papers often start with the thesis first since it is introducing what the paper will be about.
This goes hand and hand with TEAL which is an effective strategy for organizing information within paragraphs. While it is just for paragraphs and not an overall text it is still an organized way to make your paragraphs stronger and easier to understand.
Connection to Other Concepts
This also goes along with a concept of the ratio between narrative and research. Organization is key to finding a good ratio between those two things. Having narrative and research well organized relates to rhetorical features and how and when they are used to make the text stronger.
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How does the author build a relationship with the audience?
How do the author’s stylistic choices help achieve their goals?
How does the author visually design the text?
Persuasive Appeals Connects to the Concept of Rhetorical Features
Constructing a Thesis connects to the concept of Organization.
5 most important concepts:
1. Rhetoric
2. Persuasive Appeals
3. Rhetorical Features
4. Thesis
5. Organization
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