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Possessive and Plural Nouns

No description

Dana Comiskey

on 15 January 2015

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Transcript of Possessive and Plural Nouns

Showing ownership and using apostrophes
Possessive Nouns
Possessive nouns
show ownership
USUALLY... we add an apostrophe and an s
SOMETIMES, however...
For example...
The cheese of Gambit = Gambit
For Example...
the Taylor Swift albums of the girls =
the girl
Taylor Swift albums
We use an s and an apostrophe
I've always wanted
to learn about
this stuff!

the monster truck of napoelon
napoleon's monster truck
the banana of the monkey
the monkey's banana
the class of Ms. Williams
Ms. Williams's class
2. With PLURAL NOUNS that
end in S
the feet of the men
the men's feet
the Cheerios of the children
Still using the 's
the children's Cheerios
Using the s'
Only with PLURAL NOUNS ending in S
For Example...
the students' candy
the treats of the puppies
the puppies' treats
IMPORTANT! We do not use an apostrophe to make words plural
Here are the rules:
Usually add S:
wave = waves
hat = hats
If word ends in o, add es:
hero = heroes
potato = potatoes
If the word ends in s, x, z, ch, or sh, add es:
glass = glasses box = boxes
church = churches bush = bushes
If words end in a y and a vowel, add s
play = plays
monkey = monkeys
If words end in a y and a consonant, change to ies:
party = parties
candy = candies
For Example...
the candy of the students
Other Facts...
If 2 people own the same thing, use an 's for only the SECOND person
For example:
Dana and Jamie's sister
(they share the same sister)
Napoleon and Deb's llama
(they share the same llama)
one more fact...
If two people DON'T own the same thing, use 's for both people.
For example...
Dana's and Jamie's glasses
(they don't share the same glasses)
Gambit's and Lilly's diva beds
(they don't share the same diva bed)
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