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IKEA Management project

No description

Morteza Ahmadi

on 20 May 2013

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Transcript of IKEA Management project

Foundation Vision and mission Organizational Design Conclusion Culture History IKEA Going Global Specialization & Departmentalization IKEA needs to Change the management style when they open new branches in other countries.

They need good HR managers:
Polycentric, Geocentric, enthnocentric.
HR chooses to give incentives.

Public transportation

They should GO GREEN
to increase their reputation
and for people to accept the fact that IKEA is making the world a better place. How IKEA started Done BY:
Morteza Ahmadi 43142
Salim Al-Mutawa 45705
Randa Alras 36003
Pamela Merheb 47585
Imran Zaidi 45499 Retail stores in 44 countries
Ingvar Kamprad is the founder of IKEA.
He was born in ‘Elmtaryd’, a farm near Agunnaryd. How IKEA started Kamprad used to sell matches when he was 5 years old.
When he was 7, he expanded his business and also sold flower seeds, greeting cards, pencils and pens.
In 1943, his father rewarded him with money for his performance in school. In 1948, he introduced furniture into his business.
He bought his furniture from local manufacturers near his village.
In 1953, IKEA’s first showroom opened in Älmhult, Sweden. IKEA's Vission is “to create a better everyday life for the many people". IKEA follows this vision by:
Producing a wide range of products with ensuring safety and good quality and selling them at low prices. Core Competency Cost Effectiveness

Innovative. Customer responsive
IKEA’s regions
Strong culture
Hofstede’s Framwork Leadership Retail / stores: "Face to Face interactions"
Product Development: based in Amhult.
Purchasing department
Distributions & Warehouse department
Support Function: ( IFS, Human resources) Organizational Design - cross functional teams. Chain of Command:- Responsibility- Authority Unity of Command. Span of control: more to narrow based on country's culture. Formalization: Low..................

Centralization and Decentralization IKEA is in almost every major city in the world.
They are a MNC.
Two main methods of expanding.
Many factors affect their decisions.

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