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My Brother Sam is Dead Lucas

No description


on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of My Brother Sam is Dead Lucas

My Brother Sam is Dead
By: James Lincoln Collier & Christopher Collier
1. Deserter-When you abandon someone

2.Dismount-To get off of something

3.Skirmish-A brief fight beetween 2 people or two small groups

4.Clambering-To climb quickly and awkwardly by using your hands and feet

5.Surveyor-A person whose job is to take a comprehesive view or land or building

6.Shilling-A coin that was used in Great Britain until 1971

7.Apprentice-Somewhone who learns a trade or craft by working with a skilled person

8.Muzzle-The open end of a gun barrel

9.Disarm-To deprive of the means to atack or defend

10.Cipher-Write in code
4 Important Characters

Mr Hereon

1.Tim-Tim is a important character in this book
because he is the main atraction in the book right now.

2.Sam-Sam is a main character because he causes all this fighting and arguments across the family and thats what the books about.

1.One setting is Sam's house because thats were
all the comotion is.
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