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MX Light Setup

No description

Simon Holden

on 14 January 2014

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Transcript of MX Light Setup

Plug your cameras SDI outputs
into the mixer
Plug the 2nd HDMI output of your computer to the vision switcher HDMI input.
Plug the program SDI output of the vision switcher into the H.264 pro recorder
Run a USB from the H.264 to the computer
Always on top
A small size is ok
Full Screen
Auto preview during record checked
Open the MX Light Software
Click the Preview Tab, and select live section
Record tab
Output screen ID = 1
Play from
Play and exit
Replay speed 50%
Location to store recordings
Add time and date to avoid over recording previous recordings
Recording offset, set this to preroll from the cue point. Usually around -2 seconds.
These “S” Buttons set the hotkey, once pressed it will countdown 3 seconds, during this time you press and hold the chosen hotkey combination.
Set the hotkeys so you can easily start and stop recordings
Alt + C = Add cue (Auto)
Set the hotkeys for adding auto cue points that are used for replay
Alt + P = Play last cue (Auto)
Set the recording options
Preview Tab, and replay section
And configure MX light to output slow motion replay from the second monitor output.
Custom fixed size
Note: Windows likes to pop the preview on the second monitor after the first instant replay. As you play replays on the second monitor, the preview will end up under the replay.
Set the settings for the instant replay, we want the replay to show on screen 1 (Screen 0 is the main screen). We want it to play from the latest cue point, and we want it to play at half speed.
Hardware connectivity
Set a post process required.
H.264 Pro Recorder
Getting started, you will need:
Windows Based PC with two video outputs
(In this case 1 DVI and 1 HDMI)
MX Light Software
Live instant replay
This tutorial will show you how to connect, install and use the software and hardware required to build you own instant replay system.
ATEM vision mixer with
ATEM software control panel
Match the second output resolution to the project resolution.
Screen Resolution
The preview helps you know when the system is ready to go.
Instant replay
For instant replay to work, you will need to be recording, so that you can replay that recording.
HDSDI Camera Sources
Blackmagic ATEM1 or 2 Vision Switcher
Windows PC
Pro Recorder
Set your desired encoding settings, 6.6 gives about 100mb per minute
This should display the output resolution that the switcher is set to.
Software Setup
Alt R = Start and Stop Recording
Set the output resolution of your BMD HDMI (Blackmagic H.264 Pro Recorder) to 1280x720.
Ensure that the output is 50fps. By clicking on advanced settings

Click on List All Modes
Choose 1280x720 32 bit, 50 Hertz
Name your computer input
Set the resolution to 720p50
Our test camera into SDI 5
Click set to save
If you want to make things really slick, using buttons to start and stop recording, a pedal to add a cue point, and one to playback the cue point, you can use something like a usb stealth switch, and program it to send the correct keystrokes to MX Light
Click on Settings
Plug a monitor into the Multiview output of the mixer.
Once everything is connected
Knowledge of how to use and set up your vision switcher
The Basics....
Testing the system
Start recording by pressing ALT + R
Plug a screen into your computer
MXlight software + Blackmagic Hardware/Software
The end goal of this is to provide a system which a single user, can not only mix a video live, but also insert cue points real time, and play them back in slow motion, and mix to it. Live instant replay.
Cue points are inserted as the video is being mixed, the last cue point can be triggered for instant replay.
The playback is sent full screen to the second video output of your computer, which is plugged into the vision switcher.
We will be using the recording of the video itself as the source for the instant replay.
HDSDI Cables to connect your HDSDI sources
USB for connecting the H.264
1 screen with HDMI, one screen DVI
HDMI and DVI Cables
Live 720 50p HDSDI video sources to connect from
We are using 720p50
Which is 1280x720 50Hz
Open the MX Light Software
Your desktop should be showing the ATEM2 software control panel
MXLight previewing video
Stats showing in bottom right corner. If your feed is connected to the recorder you should have 3 YES.
MXLight Software Panel
Make sure your ATEM Software is running, and MXLight is running
Adding a cue point
Hit ALT+ C when you want to set a cue point, this will add a cue point automatically.
Wait for a second or so before mixing to it, as there is usually a small glitch at the start.
Or click record button
Status box will change in size
A cue point will pop up, and the time of the cue point is shown.
Or click the +cue
NOTE: If you use +cue, you will need to press enter to accept.
Playing back a cue point
Hit ALT+ P to play the latest cue point
Clicking on a cue point will also play it.
Recording: will now show YES
The video should play on your second output, which is connected back into the mixer. You can now mix to the instant replay.
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